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Let's Say Grace {Currently in September...}

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...reading She Reads Truth study of Women of the Bible, Part III. And Bread & Wine by Shauna Neiquist. I'm also a few chapters into So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore, but I might start over since it's been a few months a while. I'm also reading Much Ado About Nothing. Someone cast me as Beatrice, please?
...watching nothing currently. I just finished re-watching Once Upon a Time. It is my guilty pleasure and I cannot wait for Season 3 to come on this month!

...trying to get organized for the semester. I start teaching my first children's theatre class on the 24th and need to get lesson plans done. And I need to organize my bookshelf. My clothes may be color-coded finished, but the rest of this corner of my room needs work

...eating Lean Cuisines. In an effort to save money -and simply eat healthier- I am taking the Special K challenge and eating ready-made portion-controlled meals. No more fast food for a while.

...pinning Christmas ideas! I know it's still a few months away, but you can never start too early in my opinion. The October through December months are my favorite of the year!

...tweeting Christine Caine. I literally want to re-tweet everything she posts. That woman is a powerhouse on fire for Christ and I'm convicted/encouraged by everything she puts out there. A recent favorite is: " If you can't be faithful when you're unapplauded, uncelebrated, unapproved, unwanted, unreognized, then you won't be faithful when you are."

...going to bed shortly. I always find myself writing near the 10:00 hour, and with the trouble I've been having sleeping, it's time to tuck in with a good book and pray for a restFULL night.

...loving "Clear the Stage" by Jimmy Needham. So convicted by this song. He just released a new album "The Hymn Sessions" and it is also so good!

...discovering that I'm never going to "get there." Let me explain. I'm a girl who wants to be settled. I want to know what the next five years of my life looks like and have my opinion matter in the planning process. But that's not how life works or what it's about. I'm learning that there is no set point that once I "make it" I'll be good/happy/content/ready. Life happens and we have to choose how to respond. I can trust the Lord and say yes every morning, taking it one day at a time, or I can cling to my calendar and my dreams and find myself frustrated when my timeline doesn't work out. The latter doesn't sound like thriving, does it? 

...enjoying my little hobbit hole. That's what I've been affectionately calling my room in the basement. I was not thrilled initially, but it is starting to grow on me.

...thinking I should apologize for how late I'm sending out the prizes for my giveaway! Y'all, I'm truly sorry! Getting ready for this move then actually making the move threw me for a loop. They'll be in the mail this week. Promise. 

...feeling the need to nest. It's what I do. And by nest I mean decorate, rearrange, and organize. I left so many decorations at home in storage which is both a bummer and a blessing. Thankfully the #contentmentchallenge will keep me from spending anything on decor for the house.

...hoping to learn to cook. If it's a dessert or if it can go in the microwave, I'm good, but beyond that my skills are limited. I really want to learn my way around the kitchen and it's one of my goals during the challenge.

...listening to Andrew Belle on Spotify. Check him out!

...thanking Mom for driving across the country with me and helping me get settled in! She has spent so much time and money over the past two weeks to get me here. I am so blessed by the way she has gone above and beyond to settle and spoil me.

...starting to jog by the lake. I mean, come on, it's three blocks away. Why shouldn't I? Anyone want to go with me? ;)
Your turn! What are you up to this week? Plans, adventures, priorities? I'd love to know!

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  1. Oh my I love Jimmy Needham! I have met him twice and he is super down to earth!

    1. How cool! He's from my hometown area and I cannot believe I've yet to make it to a concert. It's on my to-do list for sure :)

  2. I don't know if I've told you, but I'm in love with your new look! It's so pretty. :)

    Secondly, I so love your currently posts and I so know the feeling of wanting to be settled and wanting to know what lies ahead (right here, right now). But like you said, we have to wake up and choose to trust in His perfect plans for us.

    Lastly, jogging by the lake sounds good to me! It sounds like a lovely place to get out and enjoy the outdoors! :)

    1. Aw, thanks girl! I'm loving it too! Your's got a bit of a new look also, didn't it? Very nice, dear!

  3. Andrew Belle!!!!!!!!!! Gosh! He is my like favorite sing EVER!! loving his new album!

    1. It's so good isn't it?! Ah, I just can't get enough :D

  4. I loveeeee Bread & Wine--such a great book! I want to try some recipes in there soon!

    1. It's great so far! I'll have to try some too :)

  5. a) Wow, that Christine Caine quote is awesome! It's going in my quote journal!
    b) I am secretly very jealous that you live so close to the lake! I used to live 3 blocks from there too!!! I miss it so much! I'm coming up there for a visit in a month and CANNOT wait to take a walk around there with a velvety-rich hot chocolate from Chocolati!!
    c) The October to Dec months are my favorite too! I had a rough day at work yesterday and walked outside to pouring rain ... the only thing that made me smile in that instant was clicking on my christmas pandora station. The world was an ok place after that ;)
    d) I am trying to improve my cooking skills too. I have so much to still learn