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Blogtember: A Little of Life Lately

Life lately has been... different. You know I like a good routine, and these days it seems I have yet to find one. Work is all kinds of inconsistent which leaves me with bucket loads of free time. Last week, I finally decided to do something with it. Friday morning rolled around and I hopped in my freshly washed (and fixed!) car to motor on downtown. First stop: the Seattle Art Museum. I've wanted to visit the SAM since I was first in town last March, but I never found the time or the courage to fight through traffic and parking on my own. But Friday was the day! And boy was it refreshing! 

Honestly, I love going to museums by myself. Give me a playlist of movie scores and a large, empty gallery to myself and I'm feeling pretty close to heaven. I take my time, wander as I please, and am one happy camper. One of my favorite memories is from studying abroad last summer, sitting in the Musee de l'Orangerie in Paris, staring into some of Monet's giant waterlilies. Just me, the music, and Monet. The Louvre was overwhelming with the amount of tourists and the little time allowed to explore, but the l'Orangerie was a beautiful retreat. 

The Dallas Museum of Art is one I'd highly recommend if you're in my home state, and the Nasher Sculpture Center is just across the street. Oh, and if you go you have to walk two blocks down the street to Carmine's Pizzaria. Go, make a day of it, and give the museum a hug for me :)

Life lately has also included this weekend's highlight: World Mandate 2013. My church has been putting on this conference for 25 years now and it was as wonderful as ever! I couldn't make the trek back to Waco, but thanks to StageHop I was able to live stream the sessions. So good! So challenging, convicting, and encouraging! Christine Caine and Louie Giglio were among the featured speakers and they brought the house down (to their feet really)! If you're interested, for $10 you can access all of the podcasts through stagehop.com. 

Along with that, Antioch Live released their new album "Our God Comes". We had a worship night in the spring where they recorded these new worship songs, and I must entreat you to check them out! "I Will Raise" and "One Hundred Three" are my favorites right now, and they absolutely set the tone for worship during my day. 

And I'll end with what I'd call an oldie but a goodie. If you're looking for somewhere to start in the Word, something that will refresh you or encourage you, jump into Psalm 23. It is one of the most well known passages, but every time I return to it, it sparks something anew.

God, my shepherd! I don't need a thing.
You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
you find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to your word, you let me catch my breath and
send me in the right direction.
Even when the way goes through Death Valley,
I'm not afraid when you walk at my side.
Your trusty shepherd's crook makes me feel secure.
You serve me a six-course dinner 
right in front of my enemies.
You revive my drooping head;
my cup brims with blessing.
Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life.
I'm back home in the house of God for the rest of my life.
Psalm 23, The Message

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. I didn't realized you'd studied in Paris! I'm spending spring 2014 there and will definitely have to email you for tips and advice! I actually have been to both the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center. My junior year of high school, my rowing team went on a February break training trip to Dallas, and Mr. Nasher was an alum of my high school! So we visited the museum. He also founded NorthPark Center, aka the coolest mall I've ever been to :)

  2. Sounds amazing girl! I'm a big fan of Louie Giglio!