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Oh Deer, Lord {Currently in August...}

...reading She Reads Truth study of Women of the Bible, Part II. And Exodus. I've been slowly re-reading the Old Testament (obviously very slowly as I'm only on the second book). I'm in Psalms almost every day, and I highly recommend jumping in anywhere if you're in search of a place to start! As for the OT, re-reading stories I know well or grew up studying has been so refreshing. I notice new things every time. It's all included for a reason! 

...watching So You Think You Can Dance videos on YouTube. I had great intentions of getting a good night's sleep, putting the lights out early, but an hour+ later here I am. Season 9 has a few of my new favorites: one, two, three. Enjoy.

...trying to process the past few weeks (days even). What a roller coaster. But God is good and faithful still. That's the hope I cling to. 

...eating nothing currently. But I did stop by Menchie's after work earlier. Always a good idea.

...pinning DIY's for our new house. I'm going to be in the basement once again so I'm desperate for ways to brighten up my tiny room and make it feel like home.

...tweeting, or rather re-tweeting, my some of the most inspiring people: Bog Goff and Christine Caine! If you haven't read Undaunted or Love Does, get yourself to a bookstore asap. These two have hearts of gold and a bold passion for Jesus that both convicts and inspires.

...going to the outlet mall to make a return or two. Sometimes what fits in-store just doesn't look the same in front of your own mirror.

...loving my Anthropologie discount and employee benefits! I snagged some great tops and dresses yesterday for so cheap! It's a good thing I get paid on Thursday ;)

...hating the discord in my heart. Or at least my fleshy reactions to it. It's creating greater communion with and dependence on God, which I have been asking for. Sometimes pruning isn't pretty, but it is necessary. I'm becoming so aware of my selfish and prideful tendencies. Now may I have the grace and diligence to surrender them and follow His lead away from them.

...discovering that my picture-perfect plan for life is not what God has called me to. He has called me to live a life committed to saying "yes" to Him, not to securing worldly possessions or position. The raw, vulnerable, and messy places in my heart and life are where He desires to meet with me most. I don't have to clean up my own mess before coming to Him. He takes me as I am and washes my feet willingly!

...enjoying having a week off. Camps are over for the summer and I get to go home on Sunday! I am excited to relax and refuel this week then head home to see family and friends!

...thinking about this blog. I have some revamping in mind (and I won a blog makeover so that is coming, too!). 

...feeling a little out of focus. No really, one contact fell out this morning so everything is a little lop-sided and fuzzy.

...hoping for a season of character refinement and simplicity. He's already started the work and I want anything He has to offer! Even if it's not easy. It will be worth it.

...listening to Rivers & Robots. They are my most recent discovery and I'm loving it! The first song I found was "The Bridegroom" and boy is it beautiful!

...thanking Melani and Ken for opening their home to me this summer! I cannot believe I only have one week left here.

...starting to countdown to Christmas. Just kidding. Sort of. I am ready for fall weather though. Scarves, sweaters, boots, hot chocolate, and all the glory that is to come!.

What are you up to this week?


  1. You work for Anthropologie? Jealous! That is really amazing! I LOVE their clothes :)

  2. I love Love Does... and Christmas... never too early. :)