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Intentional August: What Fires Me Up & Wears Me Out

August, you came out of nowhere. This entire summer has gone by in the blink of an eye, and I have lived in Seattle for almost two months! Some incredible things happened in July and I want to take a moment to celebrate. Plus, it's my blog so I can do that, right? ;) One,  I got a job at Anthropologie! This has been on my list for years, but I've never lived close enough to one to make it possible. It is my go-to place for inspiration, home goods, and spectacular sales, though most of the apparel has always been out of my price range. God's had has been all over this timing, too, graciously putting off the start date until my first camp was finished. I turned 22 and hosted a giveaway for All Girls Allowed. This month was also my first time guest posting at several different blogs and I was able to share about All Girls Allowed. You girls (and possibly some gents out there!) have rallied with me to sponsor at least one little girl and her mother through the All Girls Allowed Baby Shower Program! The giveaway still has a few days, so hop on over and enter here!

While July was good, it also left me run dry and ragged. August 1st arrived and I was exhausted. I still am. Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Then --because God's timing is glorious and He knows exactly what my soul needs-- Lara Casey sent out her newsletter echoing the exact same feelings. She had a plan of attack, and I was ready to jump on board.

This month has been deemed Intentional August, and I whole heartedly agree! In July, I was running this way and that, my schedule spread thin between directing, nannying, phone dates, church events, and interviews, then on top of that I began looking at auditions, internships, graduate schools, oh my! Needless to say, my heart quickly became overwhelmed. 
"BUSY is the enemy of peace. 
BUSY takes us away from our purpose. 
BUSY is not truly productive in the big picture. 
BUSY means life's unexpected joys and surprises 
can't find a way into our lives because we're 
moving too fast to see and experience them. 
I don't want to move so fast that I miss my life!" 
~Lara Casey

I also sacrificed dedicated time with Jesus in the morning for sleep, but I know it does not satisfy or fuel me like His Word or encouragement does. The snooze button may seem like the best option at the time, but then I'm left running on my own strength (or at least feeling as if that's the case), and by lunch I'm done for. 

This month, I'm going to be more intentional. I am going to be intentional with how I spend my time in the morning. Instead of checking Twitter or Instagram first thing, I need to jump in the Word. Instead of scrolling through Facebook in the evening, let's read a book. It's time to make use of that gym membership I've ignored for the last month. It's time to do more of what fires me up.

My planner is home to more than just a schedule this year. Thanks to, again, Lara Casey's genius, I've been walking through the goal-planning Power Sheets this summer. When it comes to Intentional August, I want to make sure I'm working from my core, those things I've said are most important in life. Among the inspiration sheets included in the package is a page dedicated to "What fires me up..." This month, I want to do more of these things and take time to rest. Lord willing, it will be possible!

Some of what fires me up....
...handwritten letters
...fresh flowers
...reading Shakespeare
...French jazz on Pandora
...jogging by Lake Washington
...wandering around art museums alone
...phone dates with Baylor friends
...reading/working at Panera
...and much more!

What fires you up? How are you going to spend your August? Want to join the Intentional August movement? Everyone is welcomed! Let's do it together :)


  1. Congratulations on your new job Bailey!! That's fantastic!!!
    Also, happy belated birthday!

  2. Congratulations on the new job!! So exciting!

  3. Congrats on your new job! I have also been thinking about doing more of what fires me up and less of what drains me this month. Such a good idea to re-evaluate how you spend your time. I do the same thing every morning, check FB and instagram immediately, when what I really need to get me through the day is to hear from God's word. <3 I hope this month fuels you and you are full of rest and peace and joy!

    1. Thanks sweet girl! It makes such a difference. We were made to thrive and He is the center of that :) I hope this month is full of what fires you up, too! Let's take some time to really enjoy what's in front of us.

  4. I need to have an intentional August. July was so busy- I put off spending time with Jesus too. You should do an Intentional August link party, so everyone can see what everyone else is doing!

    1. Oh, that sounds like a great idea, thanks girl! I'll definitely try to set up a link-party for later this month and see how everyone's doing :)

  5. Amen girl. It's so easy to get all dried up and exhausted without even realizing it! I love the month of July (mostly because of the 4th), but by the time it comes to a close I'm thankful for the way August is an intro back into the routine of fall and winter to come. So on board for Intentional August.

    1. Glad to hear it! We can make it happen by His grace! July is a great month but I'm with ya, I'm ready for the crisp, cool fall to roll in :)

  6. Congratulations on your job!!! What a blessing!!! It sounds like an absolute dream come true!!! :-)

  7. CONGRATS on the job, Bailey!! Anthro is such an inspiring place to work when it comes to decor!

    I LOVE that quote by Lara, especially: "I dont want to move so fast, I miss my life!" How true! Summers are jam-packed with activities, events, and schedules. It is so easy to forget that it is supposed to be a time of renewal and rest and instead fill it up with busyness. I often have to remember to be INTENTIONAL. I have to carve out time for the things that are most important and cut things out that are not. It's hard, but it allows me to rejoice in the time he has alloted me

    1. Thank you, thank you! And I whole heartedly agree! It's about renewal and refreshment and recharging before the fall sets in. Lord willing --and with His help-- we'll be intentional with the rest of our August :)

  8. Congratulations on the new job!
    New follower from Pinterest! Can't wait to see more blog posts!



    1. Ooh, welcome! And thanks, dear :) So glad you found your way to my little corner of the internet. Can't wait to check out yours, too!

  9. Love this post & the same quote from Lara's newsletter resonated with me! Congratulations on Anthropologie! I live in Seattle and may find myself running into you as I shop for back to school!

    I'm 100% with you when you say you need to be in the Word before looking at Twitter & Instagram in the morning. I turn off my alarm on my phone, check my email and then hop onto Instagram for a good twenty minutes! That is time I can be using to start my day on the right foot, depending on His strength instead of mine. Let me know if you need an accountability partner with that one!

    Hope you're having a great week! Praying for you!

    1. I hope I run into you, dear! I work at the one in UVillage, so maybe it will happen :D
      And I will absolutely take you up on the offer of being an accountability partner, goodness knows I need one. I reach for my phone then *scrollscrollscrollscroll*, it's just insane. And so senseless. He is the one that refreshes the soul. I shouldn't just be hitting the refresh button on Twitter. Praying for you as you prepare for school! What an adventure!

  10. Congratulations on your job! Love the post btw. I've been feeling stressed lately, and a post like this and motivation, is what I need! :)

    New follower! :)

    1. Thanks girl, and welcome! So glad you stopped by :) Hope the rest of your weekend is rest-full and stress-free!

  11. Congratulations on all these new beginnings and happy (belated) birthday! Although I can't always afford what anthropologie has, just perusing their bricks&mortar or online shop keeps me inspired for days. So lovely. (: So excited for you to be surrounded by that beauty.

    I love your intention to start doing more things that "fire" you up. I most definitely agree with handwritten letters and blogging being on that list. (: August is going to be a great one.

    I actually did (kind of) a similar post by sharing the things that make me smile in life! I would love it if you stopped by. (:


    - J -


  12. Congrats on the job! I would love to work there just to be around all that beauty haha.
    I'm so glad you posted about being intentional. That has been my theme this year but I've started to slack off a bit lately. This was a great reminder!

  13. Handwritten letters are a delightful treat in today's tech obsessed world they really stand out. Thanks for joining the linkup.