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The Circle: Creativity [A Link Up]

Welcome back to The Circle Link Up! Today I have the privilege of co-hosting with Kiki of In Its Time and I could not be more excited! To read more about it, read this post here.  We've been chatting back and forth about what the topic should be, and we chose one close to my heart and part of my every day: CREATIVITY.

Here's a little info about the link up (borrowed from Kiki, of course!) and you can link with us at the bottom of the post:

Three questions we want to ask of you :)  And as always, make this post your own! Creativity is in the eye of the beholder, and we want you to be creative with this post.  
1. What does creativity mean to you? What's the first thing to come to mind when you hear that word? Does it mean expressing yourself? Does it mean painting or drawing?
2. How do you stay creative? Does it mean scheduling time for yourself? Or using amazing sites like Pinterest? Or does it happen all on a whim?
3. And because The Circle is all about making new friends and getting to know each other just a little bit better, what is one creative side that you either don't talk about much on your blog or that you are hiding from us? Do you have a secret dance? Do you speak multiple languages? Do you sing in the shower? Let's find similar traits and reveal some secrets at the same time, okay?

Lastly, Kiki and I want to encourage you to post a collage to go with this post. Include photos of your favorite pins of the week, some photos that you've taken recently, or your creative space either online or in your own home. Just be sure to link with love and provide sources for images that aren't your own! :) We can't wait to read your posts and look at all of your beautiful collages!
The fine print: To link-up, simply grab a button  from HERE + post it on your blog or include it in your post, add your link below, and then go see read up on everyone's posts and thoughts on creativity! The amount of creativity you put into this post is completely up to you!

Read my thoughts on creativity HERE  ;) And photo credit/this adorable stamp that I'm dying for HERE.

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