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Sitting Pretty {Currently in July...}

...reading She Reads Truth study of Women of the Bible. I'm still where I was in June on my last three books so no real update there. I'm also hoping to re-read Shakespeare's plays this second half of 2013 so today begins Much Ado About Nothing. 

...watching nothing. I finished Merlin two nights ago. Yes, I sped through 5 seasons in less than a month... I'm thinking Downton Abbey or Sherlock is up next. Suggestions?

...trying to form a better workout schedule. Starting my FitBook today and I'll keep you updated on the progress.

...eating my guilty pleasure: double chocolate milano cookies.

...drinking a big glass of milk! The only thing you can pair with chocolate cookies if you ask me!

...pinning inspiration for the shows I'm directing this summer/fall, so do forgive all the 60's hair styles and everything Alice in Wonderland that will flood your home pages if you follow me.

...tweeting about this weekend. The girls and I had a pre-birthday picnic in Discovery Park on Saturday. So fun! They made me wear a sparkly silver crown to mark the day, and as we hiked through the paths to the beach I kept getting funny looks... you mean you don't wear a crown to go hiking?

...going to bed shortly. Nothing like a late-night blog update!

...loving that I got to chat with Cameron today! She's one of my favorites.

...hating the bugs that have found their way into my room. I killed a large spider about 10 minutes ago. Not exactly comforting to see.

...discovering a love taste for Chinese food. I've never cared for it in the past --Asian food in general-- especially after a bad run in with Pei Wei once. We had it over the weekend however and I didn't hate it. AND I had the leftovers for lunch the next day. Progress!

...enjoying my new room. I moved down to the basement this weekend into a cozy little room near the garage. The windows look into the rose garden and I have a large, comfy chair in the corner that I cannot get enough of. I'd say it's a keeper.

...thinking about everything I have to do this week. Finishing my July Power Sheets is at the top of my list, along with creating a schedule for the Hairspray camp next week. So many tiny details. 

...feeling old and young at the same time. Tomorrow I turn 22! :)

...hoping to get the job at Anthropologie. My second interview is Wednesday night, and prayers are greatly appreciated!

...listening to country music. It is good for the soul, y'all. Lady Antebellum is the sound of the moment.

...thanking Jesus for His faithfulness this summer! So many answered prayers and adventures already had, with only more to come!

...finishing settling in to my new room. Plain and simple.

...starting to get excited about getting fit! I always feel better after I go walking or to the gym to work out, and I always regret it when I don't go.

What are you up to this week?


  1. happy birthday! :)

  2. First of all, Happy (early) Birthday, girl! That birthday celebration with a crown in the park sounds like a lot of fun. :)

    And I am really loving She Reads Truth's latest study of women in the Bible. It's been so good and it really feels like each reading was made just for me!

    1. Thanks, thanks! And I can absolutely agree! I'm several days behind but the timing is still perfect, exactly what I need to hear.

  3. Yay to talking on the phone and learning to like Asian food!!!!! :)

    1. Love you! And see?! I'm being all kinds of adventurous! :D

  4. This was fun to read! Happy Birthday! And good luck on the Anthropologie job! That would be a beautiful place to be everyday!! I'll have to look into FitBook! It sounds like something that might work for me!

    P.S. Thank you for your post! I love all your tips for London and Paris! I visited both last summer and am absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to go again this summer! But most of your tips are things I have been hoping to do but wasn't sure, so now I am more sure of seeing these places since you recommended them!


  5. You HAVE to watch Downton Abbey. :)