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In My Own Little Corner {Goal Setting with Cinderella}

In case you don't know this by now, I'm a Disney princessNo, really, I am. 
Well, maybe I'm more of a Disney {loving} princess but that's just details-schmetails. And maybe my glass slippers are in need of a good polish while my fairy godmother is on vacation, but that does not change who I am. It also does not make my heart sing any less when I sit glued to the television or perched at my computer and am led through a familiar tale of old. Just a glimpse of a handsome prince sweeping the girl off her feet and into her very own glass slippers is enough to bring a tear to my eye and a bright smile to my face. I simply cannot help it. And for a good reason.

It's the stories of cinder and soot covered hidden gems who are whisked into a romance full of pixie dust and shooting stars that both melt me and motivate me. I've been drawn to these stories since I was a small girl, and I imagine many of you have been too. Whether you wanted to be the knight in shining armor or the girl in the sparkling ball gown, the adventure and fairytale pull at us both. I've spent the past four nights listening to the 2013 original broadway cast recording of Cinderella and I'm all the more certain that this is my story.

Why so reflective about a fairytale, you ask? Why not? 

I've also spent the last four days working through Lara Casey's Powersheets. July has begun and the year is half gone, but I am setting myself up for success! These Powersheets have been exactly what I needed and Cinderella has added her own spin and support in the process. But let's take a pause from her story and explore these worksheets for a moment. 

Lara is the genius, heart, and prayer behind Southern Weddings Magazine and Making Things Happen. She loves the Lord and is quick to share her faith, as well as give her readers a deep inside look into how she handles life, her business included. Lara created these Powersheets as a resource for people to launch into their future with a strong understanding of their core, dreams, and goals. I've only just started and I love them already!

Every January 1st, I break out my journal and jot down a list of New Year's resolutions. By the 2nd or 3rd I'm too busy to realize I've already failed. With the Powersheets I'm learning it's not about perfection but progress and my goals do not have to look like everyone else's. Before you're allowed to write out your goals, you spend the first 30 pages working through the past year reflecting on what has worked and what hasn't, what your priorities and dreams are, and even adding fun details about yourself.

My favorite pages are titled "What Fires You Up" where I listed many of the things that bring a smile to my face or make me excited about life, and the next was "Your Life Vision" where I made a collage of images that inspire me and capture what I want my life to look like. 

I was hesitant to order the Powersheets at first because I am not a small business owner or entrepreneur. I wondered what good was goal planning and big-picture dreaming when I know so little about what this year will hold? Then I realized that is exactly why I should use them! This year is wide open and full of possibilities, but I do not want to drown in the unknown by being unfocused or undisciplined. What I was doing in the past was not working so I felt it was time for something new. 

Where does Cinderella come in to play? {Did you spot her in the image above? ;) } In so many ways! While going through what fires me up and wading through the things that inspire me and bring me joy, the words whimsy, beauty, and love came up again and again. That is what fairytales bring! They are often our escape from reality and what shape our dreams from our earliest years. We all hope for that life-changing day where we fully embrace what's in front of us and step into our destiny. At least I do.

While I was filling out my Powersheets, Cinderella's Crazy-Marie-turned-Fairy-Godmother had more than a few wise words I think we could all learn from: 

In the musical, Cinderella dreams of going to the ball and wishes that she had an invitation to said soiree. Crazy Marie reveals one with a bright chime and flourish! But Cinderella frowns, noticing that it is torn. Marie only replies "Don't wait for everything to be perfect." Oh, how true! If we wait for everything to be perfect, we'll never take the first step. It's time to trust, have faith, and jump in!

Together Cinderella and Marie sing "It's Possible" and they paint a beautiful picture of what could be. Cinderella deems it improbable to do on her own, but Marie disagrees. She says that it is up to her to make her dreams come true. We have the freedom to dream but if we do not act on those dreams, then what good are they? Don't let the word impossible stop you. Believe, go, do! Today.

Lastly, once Cinderella has experienced grand transformation she steps into her carriage and rides off into the evening. Marie calls after her to go in the name of every girl who has ever wanted to change the world she lived in and to go with the promise of possibility! I just loved that!

The next six months of 2013 hold so much possibility, so much potential. Thanks to the Powersheets I feel more envisioned and prepared to jump into what's to come. By narrowing my focus, dreaming big dreams, and doing more of what fires me up, I believe this year is going to be one for the books. Care to join me? :) 

What are you dreaming these days? Have you used the Powersheets & what do you think of them? I'd love to know! Also, check back for updates and more details about how they're working for me. I cannot wait to share what fires me up & a little of my 2013 vision with you all.


  1. I /love/ this post. I also ordered the powersheets but I haven't had a ton of time to work on them. AKA I haven't prioritized it. Thanks for giving me that extra boost of motivation to do it! I also love your life vision picture!

    1. You're going to love the sheets! It takes a while to go through all the basics before you get to the actual goal setting, but it's so worth it!

  2. Such great perspective. I've really been wanting to go though the power sheets, but I just haven't broken down and purchased them! I think it would really motivate me more. And I need that!

    1. I really love them and plan to continue using them for a long time! The first 30 pages or so focus on finding your core and what fires you up which SO helps creating goals and sticking to them!

  3. I've never heard of Power Sheets but they look amazing!! (And I love Cinderella also.)

    1. Oh, girl, say YES to the Power Sheets! They are amazing! So helpful in intentional goal planning :)