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Three Things on Thursday: Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

It's time for round two of Three Things on Thursday and don't these colors just jump off the screen? This sweet and simple table setting is from an herb-inspired baby shower. I'm pretty sure the little one's name was going to be Sage or Rosemary. How precious! And I love, love, love the stripes and pop of color in the image with the vase of flowers. Lastly, I've had my eye on this camera strap for some time. It is made by a group called His Imbaraga which equips men in Rwanda to hold a stable job and provide for their small community. I ordered mine last week :) Let's call it incentive to break out my camera more while I'm out and about. Check out the site, they've got other great leather goods so reasonably priced!


  1. What gorgeous colors! I hope you share a pic of your new camera strap when you get it. :-)

    1. Thanks lovely and will do ;) I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  2. Cute! Interesting theme, but very fitting.