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This is the Life {Seattle Summer}

"Adventure is out there." Many of you have probably seen the movie Up! and recognize this sweetly coined phrase. It has made a home in my heart this semester as I counted down the days to June 7, the day I would check my bags and board a plane to Seattle, WA. The doors to this adventure opened so quickly, details settled in a little over a week that I hardly had time to wrap my mind around it before the rest of the semester took over and I found myself walking across a stage and receiving my diploma {or an empty diploma tube with a promise that the diploma would, in fact, come later...}. But as of last Friday, my year in Seattle has begun!

The adventure started Saturday. If you've been following via Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. most of this will not be news to you, but I thought I'd share it anyway :) I'm living with a sweet family and nannying this summer and will be spending the week in their guest room/office until I can move into my actual room. My bed folds out from the wall and the glass doors leave little privacy, but they are off on vacation so I don't mind too much. I've made it as homey as possible while living out of my suitcases and amidst the crafting supplies.
Saturday morning I braved my way to the nearest Target which was located on the 5th floor of a giant parking garage. I also discovered that there is a small shopping center walking distance from the house, complete with a Starbucks, Third Place Books, Albertsons, and Planet Fitness. I joined the gym, bought a used copy of Mrs. Queen Takes the Train and navigated my way to the airport and back to drop off the family on their vacation. The time difference is taking some getting used to, but that I will come with time I suppose.

Yesterday was church and I was so excited to return to Mosaic Community Church, Antioch's Seattle church plant. It was full of college students and young adults; I saw a handful of familiar faces and made new friends as well. One of my favorite realizations was while giving my run-down of just how I ended up in Seattle was that it is such a great reminder and testament to God's presence in that plan and His providence in opening doors and pointing the way. I wouldn't be here if He hadn't shown the way so clearly. I was invited to several lifegroups which I hope to check out over the next few weeks; I'm eager to get plugged in to community again.

Community is so necessary! We were not created to be on our own! The power a positive, encouraging gathering of friends with a unified purpose and love in life is so transforming. It's life-changing. And it's worth the risk of stepping into the uncomfortable or unfamiliar to find it. I'll admit, the idea of driving to a strangers house to meet a group of 8-25 people I have never met before and ultimately be open with the most vulnerable places of my heart and story is daunting. But I know I need it. I know what it's done in the past and what I want it to do in the future. I cannot wait!

This week is about exploring. I went exploring yesterday and stumbled upon a farmers' market in the parking lot of the bookstore/Starbucks near my house! How fun!? Four bright pink peonies sit at my desk. The flowers were overwhelming and gorgeous, and so cheap. The crepe stand was not so cheap but quite delicious. I'm looking forward to getting a feel for my new city and seeing what it has to offer, but also having a chance to settle in and relax before the summer kicks into gear. Stick around for the ride, I get the feeling it's going to be quite the adventure!

PS. Did anyone watch the Tony's? Celebration of theatre just makes my heart sing!


  1. I've loved following along on your instagram travels! I went to Seattle this time last year and. I. loved. it. It's so awesome there and I am genuinely thinking about moving there after I graduate! I'm glad you are starting to settle in well. And you're right about the importance of community; I need to work on finding one myself!