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Sunscreen, Sweet Tea, & Sleep... or Lack-Thereof

Happy Monday, everyone! Happy on a Monday? Yes, actually, it's quite possible! And it is much easier to do when it is nearing 5:00pm and your day is nearly through. I hope yours has been spectacular as mine has! July is just around the corner -can you believe it?- and I've been in the great city of Seattle for a little over two weeks! Again: can you believe it? I certainly can't. It's been quite the transition but I am so thankful for how peaceful and fluid it's been. That's the power of prayer and a loving Savior for ya.

I absolutely miss my friends and family at home, as well as Chick-fil-a, Sonic's happy hour, and much of my summer wardrobe & crafting things, but it's been such a blessing to be living with a kind family that includes me and encourages so well. I've started spending time with the kids I'll be nannying on top of getting ready for the theatre camps next month.

I've also got a few exciting things to announce! I will be directing Hairspray in July, assistant directing Midsummer Night's Dream in August, assistant directing Peter Pan in September, then directing Alice in Wonderland in January! Quite the lineup and I'm quite excited :)

I've also learned a thing or two in my time in Seattle thus far. Some I expected and some that were quite the surprise. They have to do mostly with three things: Sunscreen, sweet tea, and sleep... or the lack-thereof of all three. Some All of these have been learned the hard way so here's a few life lessons with yours truly ;)

Sunscreen. Wear it. Every day. Whether or not you expect to intentionally spend time out in the sun, it can and will get you. Especially if you are fair skinned like me. Friday I only intended to walk around downtown with a friend and his family, but an impromptu rest in the park left me bright red after only 30 minutes of watching the water. Yesterday I went for a walk around the lake near sunset and, even though it was misting and overcast, I am a deeper shade of pink this morning. I never thought I would be more dependent on sunscreen up here in Seattle than I was in Texas.

Sweet Tea. It doesn't exist, except at McDonalds. Even when I ask for iced tea they typically bring some sort of raspberry flavored drink or one dripping with lemon juice and I have yet to learn to like those. I have to be so specific: iced tea, regular no lemon, and plenty of Sweet'N Low. Somehow in the move I've managed to work diet coke mostly out of my system {hoorah!} but you know sweet tea is not going anywhere. I also may or may not carry Sweet'N Low in my purse now... Just in case... ;)

Sleep. Get as much of it as you can. Staying up to watch 3 episodes of Merlin might sound like a good idea at 9:00, but at midnight when Netflix pauses --obviously concerned for your mental stability and sleep schedule-- to ask "Continue playing?", use that as your opportunity to close the window and go to bed.

How's that for a kickstart to my summer? I'm absolutely loving Seattle so far even with these funny trials and tricks, so stay tuned for more updates. Have a happy rest of your Monday!

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