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Lavish Gifts, Grand Victories, Great Adventures, Oh My!

I could leave that darling print for you and be finished, am I right? It has spoken to my heart more times than once. I have always been a multi-tasker and multi-dreamer and at the ripe age of 21 I am not yet a multi-millionaire. Surprised? Me neither. Disappointed? Not really. There are so many things that vie for our attention. Social media spits "this brand new thing" and "that awesome expensive gadget" or "this fail-proof way to do x, y, or z!" every time we blink. It is easy to get lost or over-stimulated. I have absolutely felt caught in the rush.

I am in the middle of an adventure. 
Let me say it again, I am in the middle of an adventure! 
A signed, sealed, delivered adventure from God and I am at the start in the middle of it! That's what life with Him is: an adventure!

In the past, I never would have called myself adventurous.
Shy? Yes.
Hesitant? Sometimes.
Safe? Always.
Daring? Never.

Adventure was not in my vocabulary. Oh, it was on my television and in my books, in the lives of friends and mentors, role models and super heroes, but little ol' me? I prided myself in following the rules, sticking to my guns, and having a healthy fear of falling, flying, flopping on my face and failing. The latter was what, I now realize, kept me from adventuring for so long. Fear of failing. 

I have big dreams and I have many of them. Some I have dimmed over the years to make them "attainable" and the rest I laugh off in the presence of others because I never think I'll get there. Neither of those are healthy or good ways to handle them. You see, my God is the God of big dreams. He is the God of lavish gifts, grand victories, and great adventures! It is easy to be daunted by the size of our dreams and to let them go to the way-side, but that is not what He wants.

He doesn't want us to suit up and trek up the mountain on our own. He wants to hold our hand, fit our feet with His Gospel, shield the sun from our eyes and use it to light the path He has for us. 

He doesn't want us to make camp at the foot of the hill content to draw in the dirt. He wants to bring us into the Promised Land, bear our load, and be our #1 fan all the way up the mountain. 

I don't have to have it all together before the adventure can begin.
I don't have to discount my dreams because of my human inabilities.
I don't have to have the perfect plan before taking the next step of faith.
I don't have to be dating to be someone of value.
I don't have to be the "perfect size" to love my body and treat it well.
I don't have to have 1,000 followers to share my heart on this blog.
All I have to do? Trust Jesus. 

Don't let what the world throws at you distract you from the victory that's already yours. He's won! We can conquer today, He's conquered eternity. The enemy has a laundry list of faults, fears, and failures to keep you right where you're at. Next time he comes your way, laugh at him and keep on going.

You've won, remember?


  1. Um, this post was amazing. I especially loved (and completely agree with!) your "I don't have to..." list. It's so true and yet it's something that seems to slip my mind every now and then.

    Thanks for the reminder to trust Him, friend! I needed it today. :)

    1. It's something that hits me so often, that list can weigh anyone down. But we are so free! Thanks girl!

  2. Goodness. So much truth and encouragement in your words! Thank you for writing and inspiring, my friend. He is faithful, He saves, He has already conquered. We need to glorify Him in our adventures. Amen!

    1. Amen and amen! Post-grad is definitely an adventure. I'm excited for you to begin yours!

  3. Oh wow, Bailey Jean, what a gorgeous, powerful post! Beautifully written and what's written is SO powerful! Thank you for expressing your heart so fully and so honestly.

    P.S. And thanks for following my blog! I'm highly, highly honored!

    1. Thank you sweet girl! I stumbled upon your blog a week or so ago and your sweet sister soul encourages me so much!