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God's Heart for the Graduate

Can you believe I walked across the stage almost one month ago? Me neither. Driving up to Baylor for the first time seems more recent than that. Graduation was something that hung in the distance for so long then appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye. My sweet family came to the ceremony to support and my friends threw me a going away party weeks before. In the moment it simply did not seem real.

Looking back now I know that was. It was very, very real.

A very real part of graduating is moving into a new season, taking that next step. It is a HUGE time of transition. For many --for most-- it means moving away from the school you hold near and dear and the friendships that you found there. For others it means moving hundreds or thousands of miles away from all that you've known or grown up with. I fell into both of those categories and I know many more on either side of the spectrum.

At graduation my parents gave me a card that now sits on my desk, a much needed reminder of what is to come. I wish I could send each and every one of my friends {Baylor, home, and blogging dear ones} a card & gift to celebrate with you! For now, here is my heart and God's heart for the graduates:

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