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The 23rd Annual Dia del Ernie!

There are many reasons why Baylor is wonderful. One of those is Dia del Oso, the day of the bear celebration. I wrote an earlier post about how --after the tragedy in West-- Baylor students rallied to spend their day off of classes serving our neighbors. I was so proud of my school and this community truly rising up to what was in front of us. 

But along with Dia del Oso comes Dia del Ernie. The Wednesday before Dia, the Baylor Theatre Student Society puts on a cook out on the back dock, celebrating our beloved shop foreman Ernie. This has been happening since the early 90's. Everyone wears plaid and gathers for hotdogs and chips to celebrate one of the most wonderful men I know. Ernie, the shop wouldn't be the same without you!

Isn't he adorable?! He got married last June and she is sweet as pie! 

I love my little sophomores. Aren't they funny?

This is my little, Jennifer. What a girl! I'm so blessed to have her ;)

These are the Three Musketeers: Claire, me, and Hannah. They have been my best friends since freshman year and I just don't know what I'm going to do without them next year.

These kids love their hotdogs. Kevin, Patrick, Callie.

Ernie & Joanna. Can't you tell they're best friends?

Seth and Maddie are the cutest! But really, they are.

I love the sophomores!

Richard and Chris, two best friends that everyone adores. They were also Sweeney Todd and the Judge in my musical scene. Such great guys!

Chris and Kat. She and I went to high school together! I love having her in the department.

Shelby and Alexis. I love these girlies.

And there you have it! Dia del Ernie was a success yet again! Does your school have any interesting traditions? I'd love to know :)

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