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Pictures Only {Blog Every Day in May}

I haven't exactly followed the Blog Every Day in May challenge all the way through, but I love the prompts! Today's was "Pictures Only". It's so hard for me to leave these here without much explanation but all you need to know is on my Instagram feed ;) All in all it was a spectacular long weekend filled with lots of love, weddings, and sadly many a goodbye. But more on that later.

Also, today starts the countdown until my big move! I am 10 days away from packing up and heading across the country to Seattle, Washington. It will be my home for at least a year --maybe longer-- and I am oh so excited to start this adventure! Also on Twitter I'm counting down by sharing one thing per day that I'm going to miss about the great state of Texas. Today I shared that I'm already missing leading Lifegroup --my college ministry's small group-- with two incredible friends Nate and Kristen. Kris was one of my roommates and Nate's a long-time friend.

Both have been wonderful sources of encouragement for me and I know their new Lifegroups are going to reach so many and point them toward the Lord. On that note, I hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. So thankful for so many that gave their lives for our freedom. Enjoy your Tuesday!

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  1. Moving is almost always bitter-sweet, isn't it? At least the is the assurance of knowing that God will bring new friends into your life who you will need in this next season. He is faithful :)