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Every Day in May: Better Late than Never

I'm jumping late on the train of the link party happening at Story of My Life, but I love the idea! Blogging every day is something I struggle with, but also don't want to feel confined to. This challenge supplies prompts as well as a new community to meet and mingle with. Let's jump in halfway through, shall we?

Ten Things that Make Me Really Happy
1. Quiet Time. I like to call myself an extroverted introvert. I need alone time to recharge and relax frequently, but I also thrive on a busy schedule. I try to take extended time in the morning to do a devotional and spend time with Jesus, as well as leave time to nap in the afternoon or read a good book. My room is my retreat and I love to do many things alone.
2. Words of Affirmation. This is one of my top two love languages (along with gifts) that I love, love, love to receive! A thoughtful word of encouragement, written or verbal, can make and change my day altogether. It really speaks to my soul and warms my heart!
3. Cute Stationery. The Paper Source is one of my happy places. I love fresh journals, new pens, sticky notes, and thank you cards. I so dearly wanted a pen pal growing up and I adore beautiful handwriting!
4. White flowers. I love how crisp and clean white blooms are and make me feel. Especially white tulips and peonies, roses too. When in doubt, go with white!
5. Anthropologie Displays. Don't they make you swoon? I am fascinated by the displays every time I come into the store. A dream job would be to be a display coordinator or at least intern someday. Such a unique vibe! It is the biggest inspiration for my future home.
6. Shakespeare. I am making it my goal this summer to re-read his plays and see as many productions as I can. The language, detail, and characters are brilliant and I would be content studying, directing, and performing Shakespeare's works for the rest of my life. I have visited his birthplace twice and cannot wait to go back! Also, if you get a chance to see a show at The Globe in London, DO IT!
7. Wedding Photography. Be still my heart! Weddings are a joyous occasion and I have become quite obsessed with a handful of photographers that seem to capture these events beautifully! I just play around with my camera but part of me hopes to one day be able to shoot weddings as well as those I look up to.
8. Being Initiated With. When someone sends me a text asking me to coffee or someone comments on something I post, my heart swells. I struggle a lot with feeling as though I'm not pursued in relationships, always the pursuer even in friendships and mentor/mentee relationships, and the Lord's teaching me a lot about His character in how He pursues us constantly even when we don't in return. But it does my heart so much good when I feel initiated with. It makes me feel seen, valued, and known.
9. Cheesy ABCFamily Holiday Movies. I can watch them any time of the year! And I do. Absolutely guilty as charged. Plus, most of them are on Netflix. I highly recommend Holiday in Handcuffs, 12 Dates of Christmas, and Desperately Seeking Santa. Enjoy!
10. Stories of Adoption. They are all over the place which causes my heart to sing with happiness! We have been adopted into Christ's family and kingdom, so why shouldn't or wouldn't we show the Father heart of God as He asks us to in taking care of the orphans? I personally know many who have adopted or are in the process of adopting, and I hope to one day when I have a family as well. If you're looking for inspiration or encouragement in this, hop over to The Archibald Project. Isn't God good?


  1. ADOPTION, yes, yes, and yes. My heart will be so full if GOd calls me to adopt in the future, so important.

    1. Mine too! I get so excited just thinking about what my family might be someday!

  2. words of affirmation--such a big one for myself as well! love that you mentioned that. A little note or something sweet someone says about us can just make our whole day.Love this post! thanks for sharing :)

    1. Sure thing! And really they can turn your day completely around! :)

  3. Quiet time is a good one. I need quiet time, and get very little of it with four kids ;)

  4. Girl, I am SO with you on pretty stationery, quiet time, wedding photography, and adoption stories. I am so incredibly in love with adoption and hope to adopt when I have a family of my own, too! And thanks for sharing about the Archibald Project! I can't wait to read more about it!