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A Beautiful Mess {Currently in May...}

...reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren & The Chance by Karen Kingsbury. I'll let you know what I think of them soon!

...watching Sweeney Todd. At least I was watching it, around 10 minutes ago. I'm sure going to miss movie nights at Bagend (my Lord of the Rings loving friends live at the end of Bagby and the name seemed fitting!).

...trying to finish cleaning and packing my apartment. Today is our last day!

...eating yogurt & granola, a staple meal that I just love. I typically add strawberries but mine were thrown out. Bummer.

...drinking as much sweet tea as possible. This southern girl is going to go through withdrawals in the Northwest, I'm tellin' ya.

...pinning this gorgeous wedding by Jose Villa. I'm in love with the piece at the altar. It's swoon worthy!

...tweeting about a great giveaway over at Katie O'Keefe's blog. She's giving away a copy of Love Does. Such a good book.

...going gaga over  this blooming letters DIY at Urbanic. Definitely a must once I get settled in Seattle.

...loving the 10,000 Reasons album by Matt Redman. Check it out!

...hating the smell of bathroom cleaner. Just say no. But say yes. Because a clean bathroom is a happy bathroom.

...discovering patience in small trials. It does not come naturally for me. During the move I have broken finger nails, lost a brand new dress, misplaced papers, and been testy with my parents. Asking for patience also comes with the opportunity for your patience to be tested. God certainly has a sense of humor.

...enjoying the sounds of laughter wafting up the stairs. It was my last night in my Baylor apartment and I'll miss living with these beautiful girls.

...thinking about all of the places I want to see. I have a serious case of wanderlust and I would give anything to hop on a plane to London this afternoon and stay the month. Maybe someday :)

...feeling full of anticipation! I have two weeks until I move to Seattle and there is so much ahead!

...hoping to catch the bouquet at a wedding tonight. Totally kidding. I am excited to see so many friends and celebrate the marriage of such a sweet couple.

...listening to Stories to Tell by Dave Barnes.

...thanking Jesus for such generous parents and grandparents! They've spoiled me rotten with gifts after graduation, preparing me and setting me up to move across the country. I am so blessed.

...finishing this blog post. Your girl is exhausted.

...starting this next season of life so excited for what God is going to reveal to me and the adventures we will have. His timing is perfect and His ways are above our ways. I also cannot wait to share this journey with you all!

What are you up to this weekend?

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