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Seize Life with Gusto! {Currently in April...}

I am currently....
....listening to "You're the Dawn" by Strahan.  His album called Posters has been on repeat for the past three weeks. Absolutely beautiful. And I'd totally walk down the aisle to this song --someday far in the future ;)

....thinking about the future. Speaking of that far away day, graduation is no longer far off in the distance. One month from Thursday. Woah.

....praying for the families and victims of the Boston marathon explosions. It breaks my heart and makes me sick when I think about the evil in people's hearts. We live in a broken world that desperately needs Jesus. 

....needing to write my play analysis and art review. Homework seems less and less enticing as the day goes on.

....obsessed with the above canvas from Lindsay Letters. It's beautiful isn't it? Anyone want to buy it for me? Hint, hint. Coughgraduationgiftcough. 

....ignoring the mess in my closet. I've begun packing and at the end of the day I toss the "leftovers" inside.

....dreaming of my next apartment/house {in Seattle!}. Pinterest, you're a gem, and I'm full of ideas!

....working on my directing capstone The Stonewater Rapture. We are three weeks from our performance! Ahhh!

....reading The Great Gatsby, Made to Crave, Love Does. 

....remembering my first weeks at Baylor and how grown up I felt then. Now I feel so young.

....feeling excited, eager, tired, joyful, sad, and many an overwhelming, can-change-in-a-moment emotion. Praise God for His peace in the midst of it all.

....considering my options for next fall. A "guarantee" shifted this weekend and now things look so different. God is faithful and when one door closes another opens, so I choose to praise Him in the hallway until it does.

....enjoying a quiet afternoon at home.

.....thankful for a five day weekend! No more class for the week with plenty of time to recharge, relax, and spend time with friends.


  1. I'm so in love with Lindsay's letters. I just got some prints from her and they are SO GORGEOUS. Praying for you and your plans for the Fall. Hoping the Seattle option didn't fall through! Whatever it is, God is faithful-- you got that right!

    1. I just love Lindsay's stuff. Her style of calligraphy is gorgeous :) And Seattle is still on the books for next year, it may just look different than expected.