Colorful Day Dreaming {Future Apartment Inspiration}

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
I've recently begun pinning away while day dreaming about my next house/apartment. Anyone else living in that place? It's been on the forefront of my mind lately. I currently live in the awkward third of a duplex and have a month and a half left on my lease. Five other girls share what we call "The C Side" but I managed to still have my own room. My next move is across the country to Seattle, Washington and I can only take what will fit inside my tiny red VW Beetle. Good luck with that, right?

Below are some of my favorite finds and inspiration for this move and next season of life. It is full of bright, citrus colors sure to brighten even the grayest day in Seattle. DIY projects abound with thrift-store and grandma's attic finds, convenience worked into the creative. Take a glimpse at some of these most recent day dreams :) 

I love, love, love the idea of open shelving. Super practical and a cheap alternative that easily showcases every-day necessities and pretty items as well. The chevron pillow and pop of yellow on the bottom left make me smile and I am all for the idea of real fruit adding to the atmosphere. And you should really check out the book headboard DIY. It's bound to appear back on the blog in August.

This inspiration board is so fun and full, absolutely dripping with friends and family, glitter and pattern. Right up my ally I'd say. Also this studio has exposed brick, another inspiration wall, and bright natural light that is to die for. The ceramic & glittered taxidermy is something I've run into time and time again and it seems to be growing on me. Plus there's glitter. That always helps. Finally, I'm still in love with my Esperanza bedding from Anthropologie. It is the centerpiece of my room and design style at the moment and I, again, love the citrus colors. 

What was the world before Pinterest? I love that it has become a retreat for me but also no longer controls my online time like it used to. Believe me that was quite the battle to fight. Even so, I love browsing all the beautiful things that appear on my feed. I have 50 boards and 9,700+ pins and my eyes light up, always delighted by the colors and creativity to be found.

Where do you find your inspiration? 
4 comments on "Colorful Day Dreaming {Future Apartment Inspiration}"
  1. I have the Anthropology bowls in multiple colors and I LOVE them. They are a great gift too! The pinks and greys are so soothing!

    1. Aren't they cute? I had to try so hard to wait and not buy them this weekend. But as gifts I'm sure they're wonderful! Tucking that idea away for a bridal shower up ahead. Thanks girl!

  2. I love these boards! Before pinterest, people had to wait for magazines to come out each month for inspiration! I can't imagine!

    1. I remember how that goes! And sometimes I still love ripping through my mom's old magazines and catalogues. Sometimes old school works just fine :)