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Seattle, Here I Come!

Remember that adventure I was talking about? This is it! I am headed to Seattle, Washington for the weekend and could not be more excited! I do have a few interviews lined up for summer internships and I have high hopes of learning the city the best that I can in 3 days, but otherwise my plans are wide open.

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Oh! And just for grins, I got a major haircut yesterday! 8+ inches long gone. What do ya think?

Probably the only time you'll catch me shooting a selfie ;)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Bailey! Okay, when you go to Pike's Place (right downtown, it's super famous and massive and tons of fun), if you see the big bronze pig (right in front of the fish throwing place), go down the stairs that are just to the left of it (if you're looking at the front of the pig), follow that alley way, and you'll see the Post Alley gum wall. So cool, so weird, and totally Seattle.

    1. We did that! It was hilarious! So disgusting but so cool at the same time. And Pike's Place was awesome! I wish I could take all of the flowers home with me!

  2. Ahh, Bailey! I hope you have such a blast! Love your luggage :)