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Friday's Letters {March is Upon Us!}

Dear Friday, you're finally here! Of course when I say finally I really mean you appeared out of nowhere. This week positively flew by! Dear March, that goes for you, too. One week I was in the middle of directing my post modern scene then BAM! March & real life seem to go hand in hand. I'll have those resumes and applications out this week, I promise.  Dear Outdoor Waco, why have I only now found how wonderful you are! Great smoothies, a fun atmosphere, and much less crowded than the hot-spot coffee shop near campus. I plan on spending plenty of quality time there over the next three months. Dear graduation, slow down! You are 78 days away and my heart doesn't know how to handle that. It is exciting and frightening at the same time. Dear Baylor, you have been so good to me. These past 3.5 years have been some of the best of my life! Let's keep it up, shall we? :) Dear spring break, you are right around the corner... and I get more excited every day!  Dear Austin, I'm coming for you tomorrow. My first wedding to assist with is hours away. Please be kind to me!

Dear YOU! How was your week? Anything exciting coming up this weekend? Enjoy!

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  1. happy friday (even though this post is from a month ago)! :)

    we are so excited about moving to Waco. we move in 2 weeks- yay!! :)
    how much longer will you be there?