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Beautiful Things {Life Lately via Instagram}

1. Beautiful things can be made out of dust. I found this on Pinterest and it now sits as my iPhone background and lock screen. (On the hunt for the source... I promise). It reminds me of a song I love by Gungor and it reminds me that even from the darkest times, from the ashes of sin and failure, my God makes things, and us, new. We were created from dust and will return to dust, so why not live the life He gave us to His full purpose?

2. After church on Wednesday night, me and these lovely ladies took a spontaneous trip to West, Texas for their famous kolaches (even though I got a cinnamon roll...). Every Baylor student needs to do this at some point and when they found out I was mere months away from graduating and had never done so, they declared that it was time for a road trip! Courtney, Alyssa, and Kristen bring me so much joy and the night was full of laughter. We spent the car-ride listening to Les Mis and giving speed encouragements, and my heart and stomach were full by the end of the evening :)

3. If you haven't read Undaunted by Christine Caine, you need to. It is stellar. And convicting. And heart-wrenching. And powerful. Just do it.

4. My third project for the advanced directing class begins this week. We are each given a word or idea to explore using post modern directing techniques, and we select a cast of 5-8 people to collaborate with us and help create what we call our PoMos. I am thrilled for my cast and to adventure with them learning the ins and outs of our word: PLAY. You are sure to hear more about this later..

5. My mom calls me a bag lady. And I have to agree that it's true. On a daily basis I will rotate between 2-4 bags depending on the class, if I'm going to work, rehearsal, church, etc, and it is always packed to the brim with more than I need for the day. I'm a huge fan of Vera Bradley so she is usually my weapon of choice.

6. "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." ~Anton Chekhov. In past years, the name Chekhov would have put a bad taste in my mouth. I claimed not to be a fan of his work because I had seen two too many terrible high school productions and had only skimmed over the last required reading in my theatre history class (...sorry, TotieB, it's true...). But in my Playwright Study class we are re-reading his plays, as well as the love letters between Chekhov and his wife Olga Knipper, and I am slowly becoming obsessed. Never thought I'd say those words. Someone check my temperature.

7. I am not a morning person, but my parents have recently given me gifts that inspire me to try harder. Jesus Calling is a daily devotional which I love, and the micron pens Santa left in my stocking are a new favorite. My tiny pocket ESV Bible has been upgraded for a larger size which helps these tired eyes read with greater ease in the early morning hours. And lastly, Courageous Leadership is one of my current reads (I'll be sharing the full list later this week). Excellent thus far.

8. I lean not on my own understanding. My life is in the hands of the Maker of Heaven! Isn't that a beautiful thought? If you haven't heard anything by Will Reagan & United Pursuit, you need to add it to your iTunes shopping list. They have written some of my favorite worship songs and this one has been hitting home lately. Their most recent album, Endless Years, is on repeat almost constantly.

What've you been up to lately?

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  1. You have such a cute handwriting. And I'm a bag junkie too.

    Great post. I enjoyed reading.