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Above & Beyond {Upgraded to The Big Girl Bed}

At 21-years-old I have finally upgraded to a big girl bed. Yes, that's right, yours truly is no longer counting sheep atop a tiny twin bed but getting her beauty rest in the middle of a big, beautiful QUEEN-SIZED BED. It's the little joys in life, y'all. I'm not even kidding.

Somehow over the years, my younger sister has always had the bigger bed. Always. My trusty-twin has been with me since at least sixth grade and while it has been a faithful friend it was time to go. Over the summer my PBTeen bedding (yes, from sixth grade...) was hidden in my closet tossed for a beautiful queen comforter from Anthropologie. Swoon. In one of those once-in-a-blue-moon sales the floral beauty came back to Baylor with me and has brightened my room ever since. But this queen needed its match and six months later it came!

Have I mentioned that I have the best dad in the world? No, really, I do. He is one of the most generous, congenial, honoring men I have ever met and he spoils me endlessly. For the past year he has stepped out of his comfort zone and into a new job working nights to continue to provide for us and make our dreams reality. He has two off nights a week and last week he spend his time off loading up the trailer and hauling the queen bed down to my apartment at Baylor. I don't think he understands how much this means to me. A simple gesture but so far above and beyond.

Above and beyond. That is what my parents have consistently done for me. That is what my Heavenly Father does for me. Daily. I have been blessed in so many ways and I take that for granted all too often. I have so much to be thankful for yet I find myself wanting more, asking for more, spending more.

In all reality I have more than some people in this world even dream of.

And so, this month things are changing. February is a month coated in pink and red, and LOVE can be found written on anything and everything. So that's what I want to do. I want to love and be content with the things I have and use that to love other people. I want to show love to my parents by being responsible with what they've gifted me and by telling them more of what they mean to me. I want to love my roommates by being more intentional about spending time with them and putting away my things. I want to love my God by loving His Word and His people.

He goes above and beyond for me every day and deserves every ounce of my love. That means my time, money, thanks, and days must belong to Him. It's time to upgrade the way I love people. Will you join me?


  1. It's definitey time for a spiritual upgrade in my my life too.

    Sweet little post.

  2. That bed is too amazing. I love that line, "It's time to upgrade the way I love people." True. I need to do this haha