The Post of Christmas Past {Life via Instagram}

Friday, January 4, 2013

Does it make me a Grinch (or rather a Scrooge) if I say I've never been a huge fan of A Christmas Carol? Maybe it's because my first introduction to it was A Flinstone Christmas Carol and it never really hit the spot. I haven't found a version I just love, but I'm open for the search next year :)

In other news, it's time for another round of life lately via instagram. This is a frequent and a favorite on this blog. Instagram was the first app I downloaded when I found my iPhone in my stocking last year and I use it multiple times a day. Doesn't everyone?

1. Mitchell-Man has taken over Mom's iPad. According to him it is now his and she simply borrows it from time to time. Kids these days have an understanding of technology to be rivaled by none. He blows my mind with how well he knows his way around a computer. And he's not even 10!

2.We had a white Christmas! It snowed here in North Texas and to be honest we didn't know how to handle it. No one believed me when I said the rain was turning to snow and then, BAM, a few hours later our yard was covered. I sported blue sequins and snow flurries to Christmas dinner and couldn't have been happier to do so.

3. Our tree-lined drive is rather bare this time of year, but with the falling snow it was gorgeous. I simply love this time of year.

4. My big Christmas gift this year was season tickets to Dallas Summer Musicals! Mom and I will be seeing The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Wicked, Sister Act: The Musical, Flashdance, Catch Me If You Can, and Priscilla. I am THRILLED!

5. "But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation." Psalm 13:5

6. I've downloaded several new apps for my iphone since Christmas and these are just a few of my favorites: Afterglow, Over, VSCO Cam, Phonto. Enjoy!

7. One of the joys and perils of working at Pier 1 is the employee discount. I hit up the local one before heading back to my apartment and snagged some precious woodland creatures during the After Christmas 50% off sale! Add another 25% off of that and I was a goner. Isn't this little guy cute?

8. Clear skies ahead but adventure is out there! Looking into 2013 I believe that ADVENTURE will be a word for the year! So many new things lie ahead and I cannot wait to begin this journey!

9. Another cutie found at the Christmas sale. I wonder what my roommates would think if they came back to find the apartment decorated for Christmas all over again...? No? Okay, fine.

What've you been up to lately?
2 comments on "The Post of Christmas Past {Life via Instagram}"
  1. hi, lovely photos, I was wondering what site or program you use to make a instagram collage? TY in advance.

  2. gorgeous photos! I wish I had instagram, but I try to mimic it on my blog :)