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Undaunted; Beginning a Journey with Christine Caine

Undaunted. The word itself holds power. It defies anything that seeks to stop it and is a roadblock to fear. Undaunted. This is the title of a book by Christine Caine, a passionate Australian woman who is right in the middle of the fight to end sex trafficking. In the book's intro, Max Lucado describes her as a Mary, Paul, and Esther of our time, combined into one. I completely agree.

Christine spoke at a missions conference hosted by my church two years ago, and again this year they showed a recorded interview with the feiry woman. Every word that escapes her lips was full of strength and deeply rooted in Christ's word and desires for our lives. She sees the heart of God and is able to communicate it to the masses unlike many I've encountered. But from beginning this book I can already tell that she takes that fire and passion and pours it out in gentleness and comfort to the girls rescued from the slave trade but still trapped in the darkness of their pasts.

I return to the word undaunted. I want to be undaunted. In life I find myself worried about the thoughts of others, of what my words or actions will seem to mean to the people I come across (from the waiter at a restaurant, my friends in class, or my parents at home). I filter, I sit quiet, or I agree with the majority even when my heart says something else. Why? Because it is a daunting task in this day and age to stand firm in an identity and opinion that differs from those around you.

But I should be undaunted. I have reason to be undaunted. For my God reigns on high. My God has come and conquered death, the thing many people fear most, and He rose again to proclaim that there is freedom and security for every sinner. And believe me, I'm no saint.

I've only just begun diving into Undaunted and you will most likely hear about it another time or two. If you pick it up, do let me know! I'd love to chat with you about it! But for now I'll leave you with this. My kindle app is calling my name.

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