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Life Lately Via Instagram {One of Three}

Life lately's been crazy. But isn't it always? As much as I wanted to I did not make a huge effort to lug my Canon around with me in the craziness. Oh, it made an appearance or two, but my iPhone and Instagram were front and center. It's just easier. So on that note, welcome to the first on my crazyhecticexcitingentertainingtopsyturvy life lately :)

1. A lesson I've been learning lately is patience and understanding and trusting in God's best for me. This is a quote I came across in one of my old journals. "Ladies, let the men be men of courage. Just as Christ initiated the great awakening with His people, just as He pursued His Bride, just as He loved us first, so shall it be with the men of God. Allow them to initiate, pursue, and conquer fair heart. Allow them to awaken love when He desires. We were not designed to do the chasing and the wooing. Look to Jesus. Waiting can be such a delightful season of great fruit bearing and seed sowing. He alone shall satisfy." ~Susanna Cotter

2. Photoshop is a beautiful thing. I've been tweaking with the look of Anchored in Love for a while and working on a few pages to be added soon. Also, a photography website is in the works and under much construction. 'Tis coming soon :)

3. Continuing with the lesson being learned in #1, my chalkboard is a bright and bold reminder each morning. "I am worth being pursued and I am worth more than 1,000,000 canaries." For the latter, see Matthew 10:29-31 in The Message.

4. At the annual Lifegroup Leaders' Banquet, there was a gingerbread house making contest. I suggested we build Big Ben (well the parliament building that is home to the clock tower) and my team went full out! We made a scene complete with the London Bridge, gummy bears walking across and boating down the river, and the London Eye. We SO won most creative. No really, we did!

5. Mid-week Mom and I met up to see the Radio City Rockettes. They were fantastic! It was such a nice study break and a bit of early Christmas cheer. We both love dancing and have never been to New York City, so maybe one day we will actually see them there!

6. At yet another Christmas party (there have been sooooooo many), we divided into teams by "grade" for a second gingerbread house contest. I was the only girl on my team and the four boys decided to build something from Lord of the Rings. Now I have watched two of these movies but do not have the extended editions memorized like they do. Whatever the building was collapsed and we decided at the last minute to call it the Tower of Babel which fell because a lack of communication. Talk about quick thinking! We didn't win but we had fun, and it tasted so good ;)

7. Back to the Lifegroup Leaders' Banquet: every year there is some crazy theme. This time it was 80's Prom & Your Mom! Thankfully I still had my Footloose costumes tucked away in the closet so out came the prom dress. Tons of hairspray and bright red lipstick later, Alyssa and I were ready to go. I just love her! 

8. Oh, wait... taking a trip to Hobby Lobby in the middle of studying for exams isn't a good idea? Says who? On my study break I certainly made it to the glorious craft store and picked up at set of 36 acrylic paints. Guess what I'll be doing over the break! Plus it was on sale, that makes it okay, right?

9. 80's Prom & Your Mom! is back again! These fabulous people are the other lifegroup leaders and our section parents. I could not ask for a more encouraging, more hilarious group of people to lead with and to be led by! They're amazing! And we look like some 90's TV series that I would totally watch. Wouldn't you?

All for now dearies!

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