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Instagram All the Things! {Life Lately #2}

Instagram is a beautiful thing. But it doesn't stop there. VSCOcam, Afterglow, Squaready, Picfx, more and more and more! I love the filters provided by instagram but there are many-an-app out there to add to the fun. The above are a few of my favorites :)  And now on to Life Lately Via Instagram, Part II. Enjoy!

1. Kevin! This guy is one of my favorites! Here we are sporting smiles at the Denmans' annual Christmas party. Wassail for all, plenty of puppy chow, and Christmas story-telling by the fire are only a few of the things that make this night highly anticipated each year. Gotta love it! 

2. With six girls living in the same house, rarely are we all together. However we did manage to have a Roomie Dinner and Secret Santa exchange. It turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself.

3. Back to the Denmans' we go! Claire, Hannah, and I had the privilege of being willed three tacky Christmas outfits to be worn to this party each year. Mine consists of a very scratchy, ugly sweater with a "Seasons Greetings" Walmart t-shirt. Claire has the red fleece and Hannah the holly covered scrub top. She of course makes it look just fine by adding a red blazer, but we made her ditch it for the pictures. These three gems will be passed on to three lucky ladies at the end of the year!

4. Oh goodness. The Winter Theatre Banquet is always a festive affair. This year I was in charge of the photobooth. Mix together three Christmas trees from Goodwill, fishing line, snowflakes from dollar tree, and a bunch of twinkle lights and TA-DA! And naturally I found a table from the banquet hall kitchen to stand on to hang them all. Duh.

5. A favorite quote as of late: "Don't waste time looking for your style. The truth is you already have it. You may just need to create more in order to see it."

6. Last week I took a day trip to Austin for an interview (more on that later!) and on the way home I stopped at a few thrift shops. I have several projects in mind for these beauties. Pepper grinders, vintage gloves, a pretty blue glass, and a painting that looks as though the Dawn Treader could appear any second (Chronicles of Narnia, anyone?). I'm excited to get started and I will keep you posted about the other ;)

7. Christmas parties galore, I tell ya. The Three Musketeers (our self-pronounced nickname since freshman year) got all spiffied up for the senior theatre party. We had Secret Santa --John got me such a nice blue scarf!-- and plenty of good food. But with our busy schedules the whole group of us split ASAP. No offense taken, it was finals week after all.

8. Cameron is not allowed to leave. This beautiful friend graduated last weekend and I had the honor of taking her grad pictures! She is such a treasure! Cameron has a heart of gold, an infectious laugh, and I trust her with everything. She values me and encourages me and I always leave spending time with her feeling positively refreshed. I can't wait to camp out on your couch in Austin next semester! (I'll tell you all why oh-so-soon, I promise!)

9. Lastly, we venture back to the Winter Theatre Banquet. These gorgeous girls are part of my BUTheatre Family! Jennifer sparkles in both that dress and in real life. My Little is hilarious and SO talented! I adore her! And Devin is my Grand-Little, a freshmen. She brings me so much joy! She now has fiery red hair and she is so on fire for the Lord! I learn so much every time I hang out with her.

I hope you enjoyed Part II! Be on the look out for Part III coming ASAP.

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