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Christmas with the Robert's {Rules of the Season}

Home for the holidays. Doesn't that sound nice? Well, let me tell you it sounds quite nice especially when I wasn't sure I would get to do much of that. Just before Thanksgiving I put in an application at Pier 1 (one of my absolute favorite stores) and crossed my fingers. I am transitioning out of my work-study position at the theatre at the end of the semester and needed to find another job. I heard nothing for a week, called in to find out they were training a new manager, and was told to wait to be contacted.

Thanksgiving came and went and nothing. I had crossed Pier 1 off my list and went back to the drawing board. But then, two days later I got the call asking for an interview. It went swimmingly and I was offered the job before I left that afternoon. I did not know going into the interview, however, that this was holiday hire and not the part-time sales position I was hoping for. I would be staying in town most of the break now and going home for maybe three days immediately surrounding the holiday. Bummer.

But today I am pleased to say that I am HOME SWEET HOME!  I had four days in between shifts and I wasn't not going home. Christmas time at my house brings me so much joy and I've been missing this place quite a bit. We decorated over Thanksgiving break so I was welcomed home tonight with a roaring fire (though it was only in the 50's outside) and Arthur Christmas playing on the TV. Does my family know me or what? :)

When we decorated in November, I posted pictures of the adventure with a few Robert Family Rules for the Christmas season. It was quite a hit with my friends and family, so I thought I'd share a few with you, too.

Rule #1: All that glitters is not gold, but everything gold must glitter.
Rule #2: If you won't help stage the pictures, please move.
Rule #3: The more precariously hung the decorations, the prettier.
Rule #4: A quick trip to Hobby Lobby is always an option.
Rule #5: The finishing touches are never finished.
Rule #6: What Mitchell says goes.
Rule #7: Nobody puts Bailey on a ladder. That's what the boyfriend-in-law is for (thanks, Justin!).

I'm sure we will come up with a few more before the season is through. Christmas is just around the corner!

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