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Happy Homecoming! {Celebrating BU}

One of the things I love most about Baylor is it's value of tradition. There are so many wonderful traditions carried out each year that have made my time in college all the more exciting and enjoyable. One of those traditions is homecoming. We are known for having the earliest homecoming celebration and the largest collegiate homecoming parade in the nation! No, really, we're on display in the Smithsonian ;)

This year was the third year for the BU Theatre Student Society to participate in the parade. We had a Homecoming Queen nominee, the beautiful Micah, in the parade and the Student Society officers (plus a few members) drove the theatre's truck in the parade as well. It was quite the adventure.

Even though the parade started at 8:30, we had to have the truck there at 5. Kevin and I bundled up and drove through the pitch black downtown to park and wait. We did get a first preview of all of the floats though. Some of them were incredible! Incredible, but a little over the top in some cases. One of them broke down during the parade and they had to reroute the entire thing! Talk about a job to do. In the pause we tried to entertain our crowd with games and cartwheels and candy. Thankfully, just as we were running out of ideas, the parade began again.

The officers of the student society (fondly called Druids) are some of my dearest friends and some of the most dedicated people I know. It would not have been a success without them!

Tonight is another Baylor tradition: Christmas on 5th! The holiday season has officially begun!

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