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Happy Homecoming! {Celebrating BU}

One of the things I love most about Baylor is it's value of tradition. There are so many wonderful traditions carried out each year that have made my time in college all the more exciting and enjoyable. One of those traditions is homecoming. We are known for having the earliest homecoming celebration and the largest collegiate homecoming parade in the nation! No, really, we're on display in the Smithsonian ;)

This year was the third year for the BU Theatre Student Society to participate in the parade. We had a Homecoming Queen nominee, the beautiful Micah, in the parade and the Student Society officers (plus a few members) drove the theatre's truck in the parade as well. It was quite the adventure.

Even though the parade started at 8:30, we had to have the truck there at 5. Kevin and I bundled up and drove through the pitch black downtown to park and wait. We did get a first preview of all of the floats though. Some of them were incredible! Incredible, but a little over the top in some cases. One of them broke down during the parade and they had to reroute the entire thing! Talk about a job to do. In the pause we tried to entertain our crowd with games and cartwheels and candy. Thankfully, just as we were running out of ideas, the parade began again.

The officers of the student society (fondly called Druids) are some of my dearest friends and some of the most dedicated people I know. It would not have been a success without them!

Tonight is another Baylor tradition: Christmas on 5th! The holiday season has officially begun!

Thoughts of Thankfulness {My 100th Post!}

“How my eyes see, perspective, is my key to enter into His gates. I can only do so with thanksgiving. If my inner eye has God seeping up through all things, then can't I give thanks for anything? And if I can give thanks for the good things, the hard things, the absolute everything, I can enter the gates to glory. Living in His presence is fullness of joy- and seeing shows the way in.” 

The Great 80's Skate-N-Date {BU Theatre Style}

Rollerskating. Something that, by definition, I should be and always have been a little afraid of. In elementary school, the roller rink was the place to be on Friday nights. We'd check in at the door and head for the skate counter, my nose barely reaching the top, and I would stare wide-eyed at brown skates with neon pink wheels. The pink drew me in, but the fear lingered.

I have never been the most coordinated of people, especially on wheels, but when the Theatre Student Society suggested a take-a-date to Skate Country, for some reason I didn't blink twice. It couldn't be that bad, could it? We chose an 80's theme and I unpacked my costumes from Footloose just in time to load up on the red lipstick and hairspray. We were off! And I was petrified.

But thanks to my awesome date Darrell (bless your heart for sticking with me) I didn't hit the floor once! I skated at a snail's pace most of the time, but eventually we were zipping around along with the rest. I clung to his hand every round but the last and all in all I think we had a great time! BU Theatre Student Society Take-a-Date success! Now, I can't say that I'll be darting back to Skate Country any time soon of my own free will, but I am proud to say I survived. A great night with great friends? I couldn't ask for much more.

{This, That, and the Other} Life Lately Via Instagram

1. A favorite quote: "An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His children. He does not distribute Himself so that each may have part, but to each one He gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others." ~A.W. Tozer

2. Over fall break I visited Norman, Oklahoma to check out my church's sister church and to get a feel for the city I may be moving to next fall! Claire came with me and we just so happened to end up there during OU's homecoming weekend. Crazy, right? But I loved the campus and the church --which just happened to be in the old downtown Sooner theatre. Could it get any more perfect?!

3. A little shopping spree at Bloom & Bee sent me home with 6 vintage, miniature lampshades. They are now hung over my bed and they brighten my day every morning.

4. While gone over fall break, my baby brother accepted Christ as his Savior! I got a text from my mom that Sunday after church and I quickly shared the news with some of my best friends. My Big from theatre texted me this picture to show Mitchell. He loved it!

5. My little sister isn't so little any more. Shell-bell turned nineteen a few weeks ago. She's catching up quick!

6. I am currently directing Sweeney Todd as my musical scene for the semester and we are having a grand time! Our final performance is this Friday which I can hardly comprehend! Didn't we just start? The beast --aka the giant platform we built-- is constantly on my mind and I am happy to say we are putting the finishing touches on it in the morning.

7. I love my room. And I love that I love it so much. My room is quite the retreat when things get busy or tiring, and there are many elements that contribute to it. My current favorite piece is a gorgeous pink chalkboard. Thanks, Mom! It currently reads "I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship." ~Louisa May Alcott

8. One, Perks of Being a Wallflower is an INCREDIBLE movie! You must see it. Two, whoever put this on Lincoln's door is brilliant. 

9. Lastly, I took my grand-little Devin on a lunch date/grocery date to Jason's Deli and Target. We spent far too much time in the Christmas section and we were both entirely too pleased to do so.

What have you been up to?