Shakespeare on Location {Romeo & Juliet Inspiration}

Thursday, September 13, 2012
It is finally here! Tomorrow I start my first project for my Advanced Directing class. I have spent the first three weeks of the semester preparing and planning for this to begin and I am thrilled to start.

Our assignment is to direct a 10-15 minute scene from any of Shakespeare's plays, and to rehearse and perform it in a non-theatre space somewhere near or on campus. I have chosen Act 5, Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet. This is a very well-known scene which holds the duel between Paris and Romeo in the Capulet's tomb, and the lovers' discovery of one another's deaths and their decision to take their own lives. My location is off campus in a cemetery, set to perform in the dark of night. It is going to be beautiful (I hope!!). 

I have been making great use of Pinterest and Tumblr to find inspiration for my scene, and here are a few of the images I am taking with me into the design and rehearsal process:

{images via}

My cast is made up of six of my friends from the theatre department, Kaycee and Brit as Romeo and Juliet, Jimi and Brian taking the roles of Paris and Friar Lawrence, and lastly Colyer and Patrick finish with Balthasar and the Page. I cannot wait to start working with them and to see what all they bring to the table. I have great faith that it is going to be a wonderful time and a project I am proud of. Hopefully I will have pictures from the event to share with you :)

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