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Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up & Welcome to Welcome Week

What a week! Do forgive me for not having posted at all this week. After all it is Welcome Week here at Baylor and my schedule has been crazy in the best way. Welcome Week consists of three days of training for WW Leaders and then four days of activities for incoming freshmen. I loved leading a group last year and could not wait to volunteer again.

Welcome Week is all about encouraging the freshmen, helping them with the transition, and showing them what Baylor is all about. They have four incredible years ahead of them! This has also been a super sentimental time for me since it is my last Welcome Week. It's my last convocation, my last Big Event, and my last Serenade at the wonderful BU. I am so excited to share it with my new freshmen friends!

Last weekend was crazy as well, but also in a wonderful way. Priscilla and Jordan are finally married and I am so blessed to have been part of their festivities! Take a quick peek below:

I had an incredible time with so many wonderful people. The sixteen of us bridesmaids had a blast spending the day with Cil, getting all dolled up then dancing down the aisle and on the dance floor. She gave us all super cute aprons from Anthropologie as our gifts and I cannot wait to wear mine! Priscilla made a beautiful bride and is one of my dearest friends. I am thrilled to say her wedding was a success and I wish so many happy days and blessings on their marriage!

Also, the incredible Kathryn Krueger did her bridals, engagements, and wedding photography. She is one of my favorite photographers and I'm so excited to see how everything turns out. Isn's she stunning?

I'm off to more Welcome Week events. How are you spending your last week of summer?


  1. Hi Bailey Jean! Came over from Michaela's. Michaela and I have been blogging friends for a couple years now (we all started about the same time). My daughter Katie is a freshmen this year at Baylor, along with Michaela's brother Colin. Have to say, Baylor has the best Move-In Day, so organized, and she has loved participating in Welcome Week. As a parent I am so thankful to each of you who take time out of your lives to help get them settled!

  2. Anthropologie aprons are the best! I have three. And, I love your blog. It is darling.

  3. I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  4. Wow, such pretty pictures! 16 bridesmaids?! Love it. What a cute gift, too. I have the exact apron you're wearing in the picture:) Happy Monday!