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Sweet Victory; Headshots with Victoria

This weekend I also had the pleasure of taking Miss Victoria out on a shoot. She has some of the prettiest brown eyes and a most natural smile, making my job so easy! Victoria and I are both in leadership for the BUTheatre Student Society and I have so enjoyed getting to know her better through it. She and her roommates also saved me this summer by letting me stay at their apartment for a few weeks in between leases. This gal is super talented and has a bright future ahead of her for sure!

Precious in Polkadots; Headshots with Maddie

Classes are back in full swing and it seems like I am already playing catch up. But in the midst of the back to school frenzy I have found quite a bit of time to work on my photography :) I've taken five sets of headshots already and absolutely LOVE going out to do it.  I learn more about myself, my style, and my camera every time.

Maddie and I went out yesterday and while this cute little thing insisted that she wasn't photogenic, I had to beg to differ and you will soon see why. She has an adorable smile and laugh, one of the kindest hearts and spirits I've met, and she is pure joy to be around. 

 Isn't she gorgeous?

Created, Called, and Committed

Wow. What a weekend! All I have to say is: Senior year, look out! I'm headed your way. I have learned so much in the past two days about myself, about my Savior, and about my church family. There is no group of people I would rather be doing life and seeking the Kingdom with. And I know I haven't been as consistent with updating as I would like to be, but this week shall be a different story. Just you wait :) For now, I'm off to get some much needed rest and to do some greatly needed journaling. I will see all you lovely people bright and early Monday morning!

PS. If "Olympics" are part of the schedule for a weekend retreat... wear sunscreen. I promise you won't regret it ;)

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up & Welcome to Welcome Week

What a week! Do forgive me for not having posted at all this week. After all it is Welcome Week here at Baylor and my schedule has been crazy in the best way. Welcome Week consists of three days of training for WW Leaders and then four days of activities for incoming freshmen. I loved leading a group last year and could not wait to volunteer again.

Welcome Week is all about encouraging the freshmen, helping them with the transition, and showing them what Baylor is all about. They have four incredible years ahead of them! This has also been a super sentimental time for me since it is my last Welcome Week. It's my last convocation, my last Big Event, and my last Serenade at the wonderful BU. I am so excited to share it with my new freshmen friends!

Last weekend was crazy as well, but also in a wonderful way. Priscilla and Jordan are finally married and I am so blessed to have been part of their festivities! Take a quick peek below:

I had an incredible time with so many wonderful people. The sixteen of us bridesmaids had a blast spending the day with Cil, getting all dolled up then dancing down the aisle and on the dance floor. She gave us all super cute aprons from Anthropologie as our gifts and I cannot wait to wear mine! Priscilla made a beautiful bride and is one of my dearest friends. I am thrilled to say her wedding was a success and I wish so many happy days and blessings on their marriage!

Also, the incredible Kathryn Krueger did her bridals, engagements, and wedding photography. She is one of my favorite photographers and I'm so excited to see how everything turns out. Isn's she stunning?

I'm off to more Welcome Week events. How are you spending your last week of summer?

The #WoodWedding Weekend Begins!

It's the week of the wedding, y'all! I truly cannot believe it is finally here. It seems like only yesterday I was sharing the news of Priscilla & Jordan's engagement and now we are only days away!

Things kick off tonight for the bridesmaids and it's steady going from there. We have the bachelorette party this evening, we decorate the church tomorrow before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, then Saturday it's brunch, time to doll up with the bride, pictures, then finally the ceremony and reception. Priscilla is going to be a beautiful bride and I am thrilled to get to celebrate these two incredible friends and leaders.

With all the wedding festivities, I've been feeling mighty inspired and my Pinterest board "Wedding Whims" is certainly showing it. Here are a few things that have caught my eye and will hopefully keep you company while I'm gone this weekend!

August's Rhapsody; InstaWeek

Anyone else a fan of August Rush? I seriously love that movie. The music is incredible, Freddie Highmore is adorable, and could Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Kerri Russell be any more beautiful together? I think not. Plus, I love almost everything Robin Williams does and it was interesting to see him as the antagonist in this story.. but I digress.

It's AUGUST! The end of summer is drawing nearer and nearer by the day. I knew the abroad trip would cause July to zoom by but I truly had no idea. We are two weeks from the start of school and that blows my mind. Over the past week I've been zipping back and forth between my parents' house and my apartment at school. I'm ready for some down time but I am happy to say that I won't have any for a while. Here's a little of what I've been up to:

1. Since the trip, I've had so much journaling to catch up on. At least a week's worth from Paris and then the day to day.
2. I am in love with my new bedding from Anthropologie. All bedding is now 25% off! I bought 2 shams today so the bed is nearly finished!
3. Oh, Common Grounds and McAllister's, how I've missed you. A large sweet tea on the deck under a fan is the perfect August afternoon.
4. I finally watched some of the Olympics! I must say I am a big fan of swimming and gymnastics down. Team USA!
5. Everyone is uploading study abroad pictures it seems! We relive each of the memories with every tag. I miss it very much.
6. As soon as I got home, I got a sinus infection. Ew. I spent last weekend tucked in bed with Pride & Prejudice and Pinterest to keep me company.
7. I have been to Anthropologie more times in the past two weeks than I should have.. but the decor is so inspiring!
8. I spent 4+ hours last Thursday waiting for my tires to be changed and balanced. Needless to say I was bored out of my mind.
9. Yesterday, my sister, mom, and I went to First Monday Canton to do a bit of shopping. It was 106 out but we managed anyway.

How has your August been treating you so far?