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A Belated Birthday; Beautifying the Bedroom

My parents have blessed me so much this summer! Far beyond what I was expecting. They made it possible for me to study abroad in Europe for three weeks and then when I got home they went even beyond that and surprised for my birthday. I'm one grateful girl these days.

I don't know why I felt the need to put "new" in each one of those images, but I'll blame it on the flu medicine I'm taking {being sick is no fun}. I also have a backpack to match the planner to further extend my obsession with Vera Bradley. No shame there :) I cannot wait to wear the wedges with the summer-y dresses I bought in Europe; I don't even care that I'm just shy of six feet tall in those shoes. They're gorgeous and comfortable!

My bathroom is looking spiffy with the new shower curtain and I'm hoping to find a few final pieces to pull it all together. I have a bin full of bathroom oddities I still haven't unpacked since the move and I'm hoping to get those put away tomorrow. Nothing like a little motivation. Otherwise my plan for the day is sleep and healing. Prayers for this cold/flu to vanish would be greatly appreciated! It's really weighing me down.

I promise I'll update with more substance this next week. Coming back and getting into a routine again has been harder than expected.


  1. Wow you have some wonderful rents!

  2. such cute gifts! I know you are one happy girl! :)