Rachael Getting Married {Wedding Weekend in Wichita}

Friday, June 8, 2012
Last weekend was a whirlwind, but it brought so much joy!

On Friday, four of my new roommates and I moved into our new place. My room is now nearly unpacked and the see of cardboard boxes have been returned to my mother (who is also packing to move). I will post pictures of the space soon, but it's still messy from the transition ;)

Friday was long and tiring with our dear friend Murphy tagging along all day. Murphy as in Murphy's Law which says everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Boy did it. Between a broken a/c and the truck breaking down, amongst other things, we had a rough day. BUT I got to spend more time with my family than I was expecting, so that's a plus.

Saturday, after an evening of unpacking, sent me to Wichita Falls for the wedding of my good friend Rachael. Grace and I loaded into the car, picked up Kelsey along the way, almost ran out of gas, and arrived just minutes before it began. Rachael was stunning! Her dress was amazing, her backyard was transformed, mason jars hanging from the trees with tea lights setting the mood just after sunset with ease. The music was beautiful, the vows were so sweet, and the evening was a success.

It was great to see everyone from theatre outside of their element. Or at least the element in which we know each other best. Carissa was there which made it even more fun, and we saw a few friends who had been out of the department for over a year. 

I am so thrilled for Rachael and Mark and wish them the best. Just a short update today. The rest of my boxes are calling :)

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