Keep On Carrying On {What's In the Bag}

Thursday, June 28, 2012
I am less than a week away from Europe! Sometimes it just hits me and BAM! I realize I'm almost there! It has taken so much self control over the past few weeks not to pack too early, but I am now at the point where it is perfectly acceptable --even wise!-- to do so. My suitcase is going to need a few more once-overs. Which would make them twice- and thrice-overs. I tend to over pack. BUT my carry-on bag was far easier to pack. Here's a look at what I've got inside:

1. Bible & Journal. Truth be told, these go with me most everywhere. They are small, pocket-sized, and incredibly special to me. Honestly, I'm expecting to finish my journal in the next few days, so I'm either bringing a different one or buying one when I get there. 

2. Canon Rebel T3. Oh, girl, this is definitely coming with me. There is no way I would go off to Europe without my camera. Last time I went overseas, I borrowed a Rebel from the yearbook department (perks of being photo editor) and it did far better than my mom's point-and-shoot. My spiffy, ruffled camera strap cover from Abigail is too cute not to bring along.

3. Extra SD Cards & SD Card Reader for iPad. I cannot tell you how much I recommend getting an SD card reader if you have an iPad. It has saved my life multiple times. When a card fills up, I plug in the reader, import my pictures, and voila! New empty card with the pictures saved! No worrying about losing the tiny things or running out of room while on the trip. I feel well prepared here.

4. Book Light. For once, I'm not bringing a physical book with me on this trip. I am relying on my Kindle app quite heavily to keep the entertainment coming. But, I do like to journal so this light will come in handy. And should I decide to buy any books or plays --which, most likely will happen-- I will be glad to have it.

5. Travel Books/Composition Book. I have already mentioned the Knopf Mapguides in a previous post and I seriously cannot get over them! Their sections and fold out maps are going to be lifesavers on the trip and I'll be browsing these pretty much every evening to prepare for the next day. I also have the Top 10 Paris guide for a little variety and a composition book for class assignments. I suppose since I am getting class credit for this trip I should do some of the homework.. maybe.

6. Up2U Gum. When flying, my ears hurt something fierce. Chewing gum during take-off and landing always seem to help. They help the popping. I recently discovered Up2U gum. Half of it is minty, the other half of the package is fruity. I can never decide and it's more convenient than carrying two packs.
 The flavor does not last terribly long, but I tire of gum quickly anyway.

7. Sunglasses. Enough said.

8. Mini colored-pencils. I like to doodle. And draw in coloring books. But these are coming along for journaling purposes. They're just fun and will add a little variety. Don't judge ;)

9. Handy-dandy Earbuds. My white earbuds are the kind that came with my iPhone. I'm really not a huge fan of this kind but they will suffice. I'd much rather have the kind with the squishy ends (their technical name escapes me) but I don't want to spend $14 on a new pair when that could buy me a ticket to see a show at the Globe (ahhh!). Little white Apple earbuds it is then.

10. Wallet. Happy Snails seemed like the perfect Vera Bradley pattern to pick when choosing a new wallet for this trip. Well, it wasn't ONLY for this trip but Mom offered to get me a new carry-on bag with matching wallet so I didn't complain :) It has many pockets and dividers, perfect for sorting euros, pounds, and American dollars.

11. Passport. Another Happy Snails appearance in my Vera passport cover. My last passport expired in October which was a total bummer. It had stamps from Germany, Wales, and Ireland and I was hoping to continue to fill it. That didn't quite work out. Obviously my passport is a must-have for this trip and I thought it might as well look cute!

12. Basic Makeup. We are taking a night flight from Dallas to London with a full day ahead of us. While the rest of my toiletries are going to be tucked away in my suitcase, a little eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss and powder will be nice to have handy to freshen up with once we get to the hotel. Oh, and the pattern is Buttercup, also by Vera.

13. iPad. The biggest surprise for me last Christmas came in the form of an iPad and I am so thankful to have it for this trip. I am not bringing a laptop because I think this will work just as well. It has everything I need. I can update the blog (I'll do my best to post once or twice a week to keep you all in tune with the trip!), check e-mail, Facebook my parents, and save my pictures. I have several movies and podcasts to entertain me on long plane, train, coach, and ferry rides and the Kindle app is loaded with several books to keep me company. My iPad will be the perfect traveling buddy, sitting cozy in it's  Mocha Rouge case.

And that's that! I may tuck a few more things into the case as the trip nears but for the most part, there you have it. I also seem to be trying to set a record of how many different Vera patterns one girl can carry at a time. {I'll most likely be adding three more. My toiletries case is Make Me Blush, my coin purse is Purple Punch, and I have a cross body bag in Poppy Fields. Oh goodness.}

Am I missing anything? What else would you carry on?
2 comments on "Keep On Carrying On {What's In the Bag}"
  1. I am so excited to hear about your travels. I think I would also add some sort of a travel pillow & blanket. All the best!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  2. Aw glad you still like the camera strap! Hope you have a great trip. I am in southern Germany - feel free to email if you need anything!