InstaWeek; Amazing Wonders

Saturday, June 16, 2012
What a week! I am so thankful that it is finally the weekend. Sometimes the days just pass before you know it, and it was one of those weeks. I spent my mornings 9-12 volunteering at a local Vacation Bible School. This year's theme was Amazing Wonders Aviation. Last year I was in charge of snacks for the elementary school kids, which included making 600 taxis out of twinkies and snack packs with m&m's and twizzlers. I smelled like twinkies for a week. 

This year I was in charge of leading preschool music. And when I say leading I mean running because it was me, myself, and I. I had five groups of children each day, the youngest at 15 months old and the oldest almost 6. It was chaotic but fun. The little blonde boy below had the most precious laugh and he giggled at everything. Made my day.

On Thursday, Carissa came to visit fresh from her trip to New York. We had dinner and did a little shopping, and spent the night catching up on life. I really miss that girl when she's gone. Of course, there's always a bit of mischief when Carissa is concerned; this time she found my clothespins and made a point to hide some around the room. Gifts, right?

This week was also the first week in a month that I haven't had to go home more than once. I don't mind the two hour drive, it goes by pretty quickly, but I've been making it rather frequently since we're moving. Every time I come home more furniture has disappeared. The dining room has been sold and the living room is flooded with cardboard. We close next week and move in the following one! Almost there!

It's felt a little like Christmas this week with all the packages I've been getting. The plays and travel books I need for my study abroad trip (17 days!) as well as gadgets for my car --phone charger, gps cord, etc-- made their way to my front door. My favorite package came in bright orange and it was my prints from Shutterfly! I love their 101 free prints promo and always hold out for it. So many wonderful memories from the past year and they are ripe & ready to decorate my room.

Did I mention our neighbors were getting a dog? They oh so kindly informed us of this last week, and I must admit I wasn't thrilled. Especially after I heard it was 83% wolf. WOLF. The house down the street has a great dane. I'm simply not a fan of big dogs and the thought of having one living in the same building as us wasn't thrilling. However, Koda was picked up yesterday morning and I am in love with this pup! She is so sweet, simply precious, and so chill! Not hyper or loud, just content to mosey around and be loved on. Now that I can do :)

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  1. Great photos and stories!

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  2. holy cow, that pup is too cute!

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