Everybody Wants to Be a Cat {Shooting Indoor/Outdoor}

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Disney reference, I know, but I couldn't help myself. It fit too well! Aristocats anyone? Sigh. Alright, moving on.  You may recognize a few of these faces. Grace, Kira, and Michael all had me take their headshots before the opening of their summer show Indoor/Outdoor.  This show was quite a bit longer and had much brighter colors than Gruesome Playground Injuries so I had to take a completely different approach to shooting it. Again, another learning experience.

Indoor/Outdoor is about a cat, played by the lovely Kira, and her journey of discovering life indoors and outdoors, and the path to deciding what she wants out of life and where that --and she-- resides. Michael played her owner, a quirky, introverted man devoted to his work and his pet who, with the assistance of a vet office receptionist by day/cat-whisperer by night played by Grace, learns about himself and his cat. Cisco played a variety of characters including an alley cat named Oscar who made multiple appearances throughout the show.

The director was actually one of my high school directors who is now at BU in the graduate program. I really enjoyed the performance and I heard they had a sold out crowd each night. Way to go friends :)

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