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Surprise, Blythe! {Birthday Party @ the Shack}

April is full of birthdays around here. Not that any of us mind :) Yesterday we celebrated one of the lovely freshmen girls in the theatre department. Blythe has wild red hair and a gorgeous smile, a precious laugh and bubbly personality. She is such a delight to know! Naturally, we sent her off to Hobby Lobby with her big for a distraction, then headed to The Shack to set up.

The Shack is the house of four other theatre majors and there is this amazing shed in the back yard. It used to be a frat house but the girls cleaned it up and used all the random things left behind by the guys to build a stage and set up an amazing hang out spot. Christmas lights are strung across the beams and all we had to do was add streamers and a pinata and we were good to go.

She was so surprised! Let me tell you, getting 20+ theatre kids to be silent is quite difficult. But she shouted with joy, hugged everyone she could reach, and bounced up and down for quite a while. We finished the celebration with cookie cake and pizza, and a little football. Oh, The Backstreet Boys and The Veronicas were playing in the background of course. Wouldn't be a party without them.

These people bring so much happiness. I don't know how I'm going to go a summer without them. Thankfully some of them will be here, and others will be on the Study Abroad trip with me. Nine weeks until I'm in Europe!

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  1. That hugging picture at the top is pure magic! Love!