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Summer 2012 Reading List

There is nothing quite like a good book on a summer afternoon. Or a good book to keep you company behind the counter of the university book store for five hours, which is my story this summer. Traffic is pretty low and has been since finals, but once summer session 1 starts I'm sure more students will be in for their textbooks. Until then, here are a few of the titles I'm working through. My summer 2012 reading list:

1. Kisses From Katie {by Katie Davis}
---The story of a young woman following God's call for her life to Uganda and her story of service and adoption.
2. Redeeming Love {by Francine Rivers}
---A beautiful take on the story of Hosea, set in the gold rush of the 1800's.
3. Spiritual Leadership {by J. O. Sanders)
---Principles of Christian leadership, learning the servant heart of Christ and how to implement it into your spheres of influence.
4. The Lucky One {by Nicholas Sparks}
---Recently a hit movie, the story of a returning soldier and his efforts to thank the woman who saved his life and won his heart in the aftermath.
5. Hadassah {by Tommy Tenney}
---A novel of Queen Esther and her journey from Jewish commoner to wife of the king, and the story of her bravery that saved a nation.
6. Search for Significance {by Robert McGee}
---A journey learning how to be free to enjoy Christ's love, no longer placing our worth in our successes or material things.
7. The Chronicles of Narnia {by C.S. Lewis}
---The classic tales of a whimsical world where good faces evil in an enchanting tale, paralleling the battle against evil in our own world and the power of Christ to deliver us all.

Just a glimpse into what I'm planning to read thus far. I've just finished Kisses From Katie and I'm 3/4 the way through Redeeming Love. Tomorrow sometime I shall venture to the library and do a little digging. I'm looking for a few others to add to the list.  Any suggestions?

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