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My InstaWeek {Playing Catch Up}

My sense of time is completely gone. Wednesday felt like Monday and Friday came out of nowhere. Thankfully, my mental clock usually catches up by the weekend. I always know when it's Saturday :) The past two weeks have been wonderFUL(L) and I'd say it's time to play catch up.

I officially moved out of #71. Claire and I have called it home for two years and it was quite well lived-in. We spent hours in the kitchen baking cookie-brownies and insanely delicious (and large) cakes for the Student Society Scholarship auction, and the living room was always full of friends, beignets, and playing a Disney classic. Our crafting and sewing area was typically overflowing with fabrics, Sing costumes, magazines, and freshmen pouring over their costume elements projects. Everything I owned was in that apartment and it is now in boxes, waiting for the next place. #71, we had our good times and our bad (remember when the water heater exploded? not my favorite day) but you brought me much joy. So long and farewell. Be kind to the new kids. You'll learn to like them soon enough.

Speaking of moving, we put an offer on our soon-to-be new house. We'll close in a month then start the moving process. It is the oddball of the street, not quite fitting in with the other cottage-like homes on the block, but it certainly has character. The inside is beautiful (I'll post more on her later) and Mom is very happy. My drive home has added fifteen minutes, but I don't mind one bit.

A trip home almost always means a trip to the mall. With little to do in my hometown but hit the Starbucks, Walmart, and Chick-fil-a (which I do venture to nearly every time) I hop in my bug and pedal down to the mall. Oh, I can't get enough of that place! I typically head straight for Anthropologie and will no doubt spend my first half hour in there. I am mesmerized by the kitchen gadgets and trinkets and usually walk out with a few. I found some of my favorite plates on sale and snagged a few, along with some precious post cards with adorable terrariums on them by Quill & Ink. These will end up on my wall in my new room.

Lush was a must stop on this trip and I made my first purchase. The woman who helped me led me straight to Lemony Flutter, a citrusy cuticle butter which I am now in love with. The texture and scent are divine and they've already worked wonders on my hands. I love getting my nails done and this is the icing on the cake

Finally, because I am a six-year-old at heart, I wandered into the Disney Store. I left my heart in Disney World over Christmas break and would go back instantly if I could. On this trip to my childhood, I came across the animators' series of dolls which depict the Disney princesses as children. Isn't Belle precious? I don't care if I'm almost 21, I would still happily receive this for my birthday. (Anyone? Anyone?)

Now this was all in good fun, but during the moving out process we stumbled upon some costume jewelry. Carissa went off with a ring and mock proposed to Johnny P. It was quite hilarious and they played it up all night. Aren't they cute?

I went home twice over the past two weeks, once to get boxes for the move and the second time to stay while I was in between apartments and needed a place to stay for a few nights. The second trip included quality time at Barnes & Noble, catching up on journaling and reading and beginning my Advanced Directing SMASH journal. It is such a fun find! While at B&N, I caught sight of someone who looked strikingly like a friend from Baylor. Upon close examination (or stalking via iphone from afar) I realized with great disappointment that it wasn't him. 

My mom and I spent the day together my last day home and we were quite productive! We visited the new house, had a great lunch, then stopped over at Groovy's to do a little shopping. She bought me a pair of Toms to wear in Europe (at least that was the excuse we used for this expensive outing) and a new bag to carry on the plane. How have I gone this long without buying Toms!? They are so comfortable. Also, I'm quite loving the Happy Snails pattern by Vera Bradley and I now have a carry-on bag, wallet, and passport cover to match. Study Abroad, here I come!

At the end of the week, my friend Zach and I spent some time exploring an old cemetery behind campus. It goes on for acres! So much history! I have always thought cemeteries were beautiful and I knew that I wanted to direct my Shakespeare on Location scene inside one. I am doing Act 5, Scene 3 from Romeo and Juliet, the tomb scene in which Paris and Romeo duel then the lovers take their lives, and I want to do it at dusk in front of one of the tombs we found. If I get permission to do so, then it is going to be stunning. We want to be as respectful as possible of the graveyard and it's owners and visitors, so it is going to take a good amount of cooperation and communication with the people who run it. I am confident that things will work out.

What did you do this week?

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  1. Goodness, I love EVERYTHING about this! I adore the postcards and that house, to die for!