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Dear Me, Dear You, Dear Friday

Dear Friday, it is so good to see you! This week has been incredibly long and you have been highly anticipated. Plus you bring home. That is always a good thing.
Dear Home, I will be home this evening. I cannot wait to watch Transformers with Mitchell, garage sale with Mom, and catch up on life with Dad and Shelby. Home shall be good to me.
Dear Shelby, you are not allowed to graduate next week. My baby sister cannot grow up and go off to college. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that, but I'm pretty sure I don't like it.
Dear Journal, I am four pages away from finishing you and starting this beautiful yellow beauty to the left! You have been good to me since August, giving me a place to write my hopes, dreams, fears, and prayers since the start of my junior year, but now that has come to a close and so must you.
Dear Study Abroad, only four weeks! Four weeks and a couple of days until I board a plane for London to spend three of the best weeks of my life traveling with friends, seeing shows, and enjoying God's creation and adventures for me in Europe.
Dear You, just a short update today. I'm exhausted.

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