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Blue, Blue, Kettle, Blue {AJ's Capstone}

Tuesday was the Advanced Directors' capstones and I had the privilege of photographing AJ's scene Blue Kettle. It is a one-act-play set in London about a man conning old women into thinking they are his birth mother. However, throughout the play, the characters start replacing words with "blue" and "kettle". It is so seldom in the beginning that it's hardly noticeable, but by the final scene every word is "blue" or "kettle" save one or two. It was fascinating to watch and so fun to capture. I'm finally getting the hang of this camera :)

I cannot wait to direct my own capstone next year. I am eagerly searching through plays in hopes of finding one that fits my fancy. I have 11 months though. Plenty of time to come up with something.

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  1. I've never heard of this play.... The photos look great! :D I am a theatre person, too! Costume Design! :)

    love, polly :D