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As We Travel Onward {Sister's Graduation}

"My little baby's all grown up and saving China..."

Okay, so she's not Mulan but she comes pretty close. My little sister Shelby graduated high school on Tuesday and I cannot believe we are now BOTH in college. Mom and Dad can't believe it either. It was just yesterday that she and I were at TCA as a second and a fifth grader, scared out of our minds to start a new school. Only days later (really three years) we changed schools yet again and faced some of the most trying and influential years of our lives at FHS and FMS. Now, I'm at Baylor and she's off to TWU in the fall. We're growing up, and goodness isn't my sister gorgeous?

Some people mistake us for twins. Some people ask if she's adopted. Others think she is years older than me. She and I have never thought we looked similar at all (and usually ask the people who think we're twins if they're crazy), but over the years we've slowly noticed the shift. And, as sisters, we fight and argue and the like, but recently we've become much closer than I thought we would. We are as different as night and day in both looks and personalities, but a friendship is growing.

Kobi is practically a second sister to me and definitely part of the family. She has a younger brother around Mitchell's age and the two are attached at the hip at the girls' volleyball games and events. I haven't been home much this year, but Kobi is always eager to talk and a joy to be around. She's headed to Louisiana for school and I'm so proud of her.

And of course, we can't forget Justin. They've been dating for around nine months and are quite the good looking couple. We tease her and call him "the old man" since he's a few years older than ME, but it's all in good fun. He's great to her and respects my parents well. Plus, Mitchell adores him. Justin's turned Mitch into a traitor and the boy proudly sports is UT gear (...the Baylor Bear in me cringes) but things could be worse. I get the feeling Justin's going to be sticking around for a while.

As a family, our schedules are some of the craziest. Rarely are all five of us home at the same time. Dad works nights, mom works downtown, Mitchell has school and Awanas as well as a handful of friends, and Shelby is zipping around town all evening. Being almost two hours away at college hasn't helped me fit in there much, but we are trying. It was great to have everyone together for a few days to celebrate this transition for Shelby. Mom says it hasn't hit her yet and it won't until they drop her off at her dorm in August. We shall see.

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