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April Flowers & May Showers {Cilla's Bridal Shower}

It really is that time of year. Two of my friends have gotten engaged in the past two weeks and more and more weddings are drawing nearer by the day. The only one I am involved in is Cilla's wedding this August, as one of SIXTEEN bridesmaids, and last night I was hosted her bridal shower. Kristen and Alyssa, two of the girls I will be living with next year, hosted the shower with me and I must say we made a pretty great team.

After working all day I booked it over to to the house to set up and managed to have it all put together with 10 minutes to spare. I have been scouting Pinterest for weeks for inspiration, and finally ended up with a theme of my own. I found/downloaded a print that said "Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite" and placed it center of the dessert table. I used favorite romance novels and love stories to decorate the rest of the table and tied everything together with torn and scalloped book pages throughout the room. Pictures of Cilla and Jordan graced the set up as well, only fitting to honor the future Mr. & Mrs.

Aren't these ladies lovely? {Cilla, Kristen, Me, Alyssa}. I have had the joy of being discipled by Priscilla for two years now, and this year Kristen and Alyssa joined our weekly meetings. These girls have so much of my heart and I would trust them with my life. I can't wait to live with them in a few short weeks!

I was pretty pleased with how the set up turned out, doilies, cupcakes, and all. I spent maybe ten dollars total and otherwise used what I already had. Both of Priscilla's grandmothers, Nana Jane & Nana H, helped out by making the tissue paper flowers and her sister Tess punched out the confetti with her mother. It was quite the family affair! 

Instead of a guest book, we set up a table by the door and gift drop-off for the guests to fill a mason jar with ideas for fun/interesting dates for Cilla and Jordan to draw from once they are married. Priscilla read a handful of them to us at the end of the night and it made for quite a few laughs!

After snacking on the cupcakes and cookies and opening gifts, the married ladies in the room shared advice for Cilla and Jordan to keep in mind in their marriage and it was so inspiring. More than one mother and grandmother became teary-eyed and that made all of us young women do the same. I am so excited for this couple! They have been incredible role models of what a healthy, honoring, Christian relationship looks like.


  1. Look like you did an amazing job setting up the shower! 16 bridesmaids though!? holy cow! lol that will be one fun wedding! :)

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