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Wedding Whims; Book of Love

It's wedding season! And bridal shower season. And crafting, pinteresting, and wedding site scouting season. Three of my favorite seasons of the year ;) I've mentioned before that I am one of fourteen bridesmaids helping Priscilla brainstorm for her wedding this fall, and it seems every time we are together a laptop is opened to 100 Layer Cake or Green Wedding Shoes in search of inspiration. A few details have been settled on, others still to come, and I ordered my bridesmaid dress late last week.

However, even with all of these resources, I still head to Pinterest and my favorite Tumblrs for inspiring shots and videos. Here are the latest finds:

This video is one of the most beautiful wedding stories I have seen in a while. Their hearts and the ceremony are so Christ-centered, her voice is stunning in the song she sings halfway through, and I am OBSESSED with the idea of having the bridal party surround the couple's first dance holding sparklers. Let's just hope when it's my turn that I can find a venue that will allow me to do so!


  1. ahhh!! this whole post = love

  2. If Pinterest had existed a couple years ago when I was planning our wedding, my brain would have exploded from all of the amazing ideas! Every single one of those photos is beautiful. Hope you get some more details pinned down :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  3. all these pictures make me want to plan a wedding! seriously i dont know what women did before the internet when it came to planning weddings.. so many inspiring and wonderful ideas!