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{Viewer's Review} Once Upon a Time

GENRE: Television Series
PLOT: At the wedding of Snow White and Prince Charming, the Evil Queen set out for her final revenge. She placed a curse on all those in their world, banishing them to a timeless prison where love was lost and everyone would be in turmoil. That place is Storybrooke, Maine in modern day 2012. None of the characters know who they are and have indeed been trapped in new lives where everything they once knew is gone and it is up to one woman to right things again: Emma. Emma's son, Henry, was adopted by the Mayor of Storybrooke (the Evil Queen) and is the only one that knows the small town residents' true identities. He does his best to convince Emma of the truth and together they work with a wild cast of characters to stop the Queen's revenge.

MY THOUGHTS: As a Disney princess at heart, I am easily drawn to most productions of my favorite "happily ever after" stories. However, I was at first hesitant to watch Once Upon A Time. Upon the insistence of my roommate Claire, I watched the first five episodes on Hulu over Christmas and by the end was absolutely begging for more! The show is fast paced and the plot is complicated, with new and unexpected twists and turns in each episode. Your favorite fairytale characters are woven together in a magical way and each cliffhanger is incredibly well done. Sundays cannot come fast enough for me. While the show teeters on the edge of cheesy, and has bold allusions to very popular movies from years past, I cannot recommend this show enough!

The artist in me also adores the care and detail put into costuming and set dressing. Some of the effects might be a bit much when it comes to the fantastical creatures, but those are easily forgivable with how well everything else is accomplished. By far my favorite elements are the costumes, for both the modern and fairytale worlds. Someone certainly had fun designing and I'm sure I would so enjoy being part of the production.

MY RATING: Four and a half out of five stars. And a whole-hearted recommendation!


  1. I really thought "Ugh. That looks so silly." the first time I saw previews for Once Upon a Time, and then thought "That will NEVER last." And here I am. Loving it. And every Sunday, there I am, all "YES. Once Upon a Time is on TONIGHT." haha :)

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show. (And I'm not a big TV watcher due to busy life.) My hub and I watch it...wait for it...need it...every week. Lol. Sunday nights are usually hectic at 8pm...getting kiddos in bed, so we miss it. BUT...thanks to the wonderful iPad app, we watch it on the ABC Player on Monday nights. No commercials. Pretty much perfection. We get so bummed when there's not a new episode. ;)