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Spring is in the Air, and in My Closet

I am finally starting to admit that it is time for my scarves, boots, and cute winter clothes to go back into the depths of my closet. Spring is here and with it comes shorts, tanks, dresses and fun flats!

With my tiny budget --preparing to study abroad shrinks my bank account so quickly-- I have been sorting through last year's finds to repurpose, mix and match fun items for this year, as well as have been scoping out some new trends I can't wait to follow. Pinterest, as always, has been a huge help.

This turquoise and mustard look is a must-have. Cardigan, check! Dress... on the look out. I may have to hit up Buffalo Exchange when I go home this weekend. Consignment and re-sale stores are my new best friends.

I am dying for a pair of coral shorts. Those matched with the flowing white top scream "Take me to the beach!" I don't know if a trip to the shore is in my future, but maybe with a little help from this outfit, I will at least feel ready to take in the sun and the waves. The sea-foam green scarf and bag top things off so well.

Source: polyvore.com via Bailey on Pinterest

This color combination is great, too! Perfect for the upcoming Easter weekend and a day out shopping with the girls (Bring on Dia del Three Musketeers!) I love the wedges and the pop of turquoise in both the cardigan and nail polish. Hm... I may have all of these elements in my closet right now! Check that one off my list.

More coral and turquoise, I think I'm seeing a trend! Stripes have been big, too, this year and this combo is both casual but thoughtful. I'd be more than happy to sport this look to class or off to Common Grounds for coffee with a friend. This is a definite must-do.

Lastly, this look is sweet and simple and ready for all of the above. The flowing shirt is perfect for how hot this summer is sure to be (if the 110 temperatures last July were telling at all). A simple pair of denim shorts ought to do the trick, partnered with some fun bangles, the ever-loved messy bun, and a stunning pink bag. Yes, yes, and yes. Please and thank you.

What are you dreaming of this summer? Any color combo have you absolutely smitten?


  1. Such cute outfits!! I wish they'd all just pop into my closet ;) Cute blog girly!

  2. That light mint scarf is amazing! Now I'm going to be on the look out for one! Love your blog!