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A Reason to Celebrate!

Wow! How things can turn around! I am still in shock from yesterday's turn of events, but it brought thrilling news!

Are you dying to know what I'm talking about yet? I suppose I can let you in on it. 

I was selected to be in the ADVANCED DIRECTING class next year! Out of the 30 of us who took the beginning directed courses, twelve applied to be considered for the advanced class. Only four are selected each year and it is a major honor and huge undertaking. Typically, the applicants must wait between two and three weeks to find out, but we had to wait less than one!  I am beyond excited!

{This is Zach and I only minutes after finding out, still stunned!}

Since my freshman year, I have watched and been a part of many of the Advanced Directing projects. These include a Shakespeare on Location scene, a Post-Modern Experiment, a Musical Scene, and a Capstone. These scenes are highly coveted to both direct and act in, and I cannot wait to give my hand to them next year. This was truly unexpected and I still haven't entirely let it sink in :) 

My very first scene at BU was a Post-Modern, I have been in three PoMo's total at this point. They are perhaps my favorite part of the class and I am so eager to explore my own topic. Here is a glimpse at the ones I have been part of in the past:

My very first one was called Hematology. It was a collaboration around the concept of blood. We used lines from Macbeth, information from the Carter Blood Care website, various song lyrics, and more. It was somewhat dark but still quite entertaining, playing with a circus theme as well. It was my first exposure to PoMo's and just how much the actors and the director contribute to the process. Some of my closest friends were in it which made it all the more fun.

My second PoMo was called There's No Place Like Home and it was a completely different but just as wonderful experience! Kelsey was a brilliant director and it was so great to get to work with Jonathan again. This time we explored what home meant to each of us and the way home changes over the years as we grow older. The music from this piece still tugs at my heartstrings any time it comes across my shuffle on iTunes. Here are a few of those beauties:

1. Chasing Pavements by Adele
2. Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
3. Mashed Potatoes by Rufus Thomas
4. Please Come Home for Christmas by Aaron Neville
5. Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight by Amos Lee
6. The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson
7. Greyhound by Dave Barnes
8. Home by Marc Broussac
9. Over the Rainbow by Ingrid Michaelson

Lastly, this past fall I was in a PoMo called Clean which was directed by the same Jonathan from before. I really can't say enough how amazing he is to work with. This scene explored the definitions of clean vs. dirty and held a lot of biblical symbolism, which I thought added so much to it! It sparked some great discussions between the cast and audience, and was easily a favorite of the set. 

While Post Moderns are only one piece of the Advanced Directing class, they are a large part of why I fell in love with the course and am elated to be in it next year. My mind is already racing with plays and scenes and the endless possibilities. What a year it shall be!

PS. Did I mention we won the NCAA Women's National Championship for basketball?! Sic'em, bears!


  1. Hi! Stopping in from Michaela's. I like you already because...
    1) You're a Baylor girl. My parents are both Alumni. (Sorry, Bears. I chose Samford...a "little" closer to home.)
    2) I'm the daughter of a Texan. Amen.
    3) I was a theatre girl.
    4) Love of photog, crafting, writing...um, are you talking about me?
    5) You love the Lord. :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. P.S. I'm good blog friends with Mallorie at The Happy Home blog. (There's a link to her on my site.) She just graduated from Baylor last Spring. Do you know her?