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InstaFriday; Oh, what a week!

This week has been a whirlwind of the unexpected. One thing after another, surprise after surprise. Not that I'm complaining! Here's a little recap via instagram. And it finally came out for Android phones! Isn't that exciting? Do you love it yet?

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1. Three things I've been missing lately: Disney World and all its adventures, Clean the Post Modern and all the wonderful people involved, and lastly Quartet with Grand Piano. I have been so blessed this year with incredible experiences and memories.

2. I spotted this posting in the campus Starbucks for a Create Night at the Art Forum. I am so going! Worship, painting, and friends? Could it get any better?

3. I can't get over this picture. Zach and I were literally stunned when we found out we get to be Advanced Directors. We have been talking about this for 3 YEARS! Praise the Lord and His goodness for this opportunity! It still seems surreal.

4. This week was the first annual BUTheatre Easter Egg Hunt. Twenty-five theatre majors lined up at the side door then burst into the lawn in search of 200+ eggs. Two eggs had gold stars and meant you won a chocolate bunny. I've never seen so many people fighting over a chocolate bunny. This will definitely have to be repeated next year!

5. Being an Advanced Director means I have quite a bit of reading to do. And that means I will be frequenting Half Price Books. The one in Dallas has a pretty good selection of plays and drama anthologies, so I camped out there on Friday.

6. Lastly, I finally made it to Anthropologie! It had been far too long. I have yet to purchase this candle (it is $18 after all) but I pick it up every time. Maybe on my next visit I'll finally cave in ;) But I did come away with a cute monogrammed mug, a set of three small notebooks, and a little jar with a chalkboard label. My desk is getting spiffier by the minute.


  1. Sounds like a great week - awesome about the Advanced Directors opportunity!

    I have never been to Anthropologie...but I think I need to! ;)

    1. Thank you :) And Anthro is wonderful! The clothes are beautiful (but insanely expensive) so I head straight for the sale room and there are usually good finds. The knick knacks and kitchen items are my weakness though. Just beautiful, I highly recommend a trip!