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Dia del Three Musketeers; To Austin We Go

Every year in mid-April, my university has a day called Dia del Oso, day of the bear. All classes are cancelled and it is a day-long celebration. They bring in big name artists and other smaller ones for concerts all day long as well as have activities across campus for the students. In previous years they had Colbie Caillat and Jack Ingram, and this year they brought in Parachute. There was tug of war, camel rides, and a multitude of other games and activities.

I, however, did not spend a minute on campus during Dia. Instead Hannah, Claire and I headed to Austin for our very own Dia del Three Musketeers. We have called ourselves the three musketeers since freshman year and really needed a day out of town. We shopped, we ate, and we tweeted/ instagramed up a storm. It was quite an adventure of a day!

First stop was a Chick-fil-a on the way. The three of us are so predictable: three chicken biscuits with hash-browns and three sweet teas. Delicious! Once we hit Austin I had my first adventure in backwards angled parking. Talk about stressful! But I made it safe and sound, then we hit the shops :)

Uncommon Objects, Feathers, and New Bohemia were our first stops, full of vintage and antique clothing and furniture. We mostly window shopped and sighed in want and wonder at the beauty, but Hannah came away with an adorable pink romper and plenty of ideas for our new apartments. We hit a few bookstores as well and I was in heaven.

Once we headed further down SoCo, we veered off into downtown Austin. We couldn't pass Whole Foods without stopping, and Claire bought the most amazing gelato flavor I have ever tasted. AVOCADO flavored! I'm not much of an avocado girl, but this was so good. And lastly, Hannah and I had to pull #totalfreshmanmoves to pose under a Baylor sign and Henderson. Sic'em.

We stopped at Freebirds for lunch and are all now anxious for one to appear near BU. We have Chipotle, but it's just not the same. I spent twenty minutes playing with the aluminum foil and we were quite entertained. Good food and great fun means a lunch well spent.

The Paper Source was probably my favorite stop of the day (next to Anthropologie; I am always amazed by their displays!). I bought a Smash Journal and quite a few of its accessories and embellishments to use as an inspiration notebook for Advanced Directing next year. The girls found octopus tentacles at the counter while I was checking out; they are too funny. 

After hitting Buffalo Exchange (too busy trying on dozens of dresses to take pictures), Hannah led us into Toy Joys. This was the strangest toy store I have ever been in, but never the less we found some fun. The bins of toy dolls had hilarious tags on them, and Hannah almost brought the pink hand chair home with us. Almost. It probably wouldn't have fit in my Volkswagen. 

Once we were on the road back to school, the traffic was horrendous. So what did we do? Stopped at Ikea of course. Just to browse. We had dinner there and perched ourselves in the kid's area to watch The Aristocats while we ate. No shame :)

By the time we got home, I was exhausted. I marched straight up the stairs to my bedroom only to have Claire yell for me to come back down. Apparently our water heater had burst and was spewing into the closet under the stairs. It seemed like it had been doing that ALL DAY because the carpets were soaked and my Christmas decorations were destroyed. Overwhelmed by the mess and amount of water, we had a five minute pity party where we splashed around in the hallway before setting to work. All you can do in those moments is laugh, so we did. 

We spent the next hour cleaning out the closet (water still spraying since we couldn't turn it off) and waiting for maintenance to show up. Claire, of course, stress-baked and provided us with chocolate chip cookies and milk while we waited :)

Once they and the carpet cleaners appeared around 11:00pm, we had to move everything into the kitchen from the living room so they could rip up the carpet. Our apartment is in disarray, the closet is empty, and half of what was in it is now in the dumpster. At least it started us on the packing process, right?

Trying to see the good in that mess was difficult, but praise the Lord for best friends to help me deal with it. Several of the freshmen came over to comfort and wait with us so we made a little party out of it. Pathetic, but still a party. 

But you know, it could have been worse. And we will never forget this Dia. Ever.


  1. This is such a great post. What a fun event Baylor puts on! (I'll have to tell my brother about this, as he's going next year!) but also so fun that you three got out of town for the day together :) No fun that the water heater broke. However, I do love products of stress-baking hehe :) Happy weekend!

    1. How wonderful! He is going to love it here! Baylor is incredible and Dia is just one of our many traditions. If he ever has any questions, just send them my way :) And stress-baking always helps. Always. Thanks, dear!

  2. Hey Bailey, I just found your blog via Michaela Noelle Designs and I think it's really beautiful and cute. I'm excited to follow and read more about your life.


  3. The water heater broke in my house at home as well and it's such a bummer! I want to go to Austin really badly! I've never been anywhere in Texas (besides the Dallas airport) and definitely want Austin to be my first place I go! Love you blog! You've found a new follower in me :)

  4. looks like you are having a BLAST!

  5. New follower from Michaela Noelle's blog. Great blog! Would love the follow back :)

    The Pretty Pinhead